How To Check Invoice Statuses

Checking Invoice and Payment Statuses

Congratulations! After following Carrier Setup Instructions, you now have a username and password.

  1. Visit NOTE: You can click on a flag to change the displayed language to your preferred setting.

  2. Click the LOGIN button to the right of the flags.
  3. Checking invoice statuses: Step 1

  4. Enter your username and password into the Freight Bill and Audit side of the system. NOTES: Your password is case sensitive. If you forget your password, click Forgot Password? for assistance.
  5. Checking invoice statuses: Step 2

  6. You now have access to the following options:
    1. Pro Research: Research invoice and payment status.
    2. Mailback: Review invoices that were mailed back / rejected.
    3. Remittance: View invoices that have closed for the week.
    4. Tutorial: Review how to use our website.
    5. Switch to Check Research: Pull check remittance information.
  7. Checking invoice statuses: Step 3

  8. PRO Research is where you will enter your invoice / PRO number. You can enter multiple invoice / PRO numbers.
  9. Checking invoice statuses: Step 4

  10. You are invited to use the Tutorial to learn about details on other features of the website.

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