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Claims Management

Let CTSI-Global file and process your freight claims for quick resolution

CTSI-Global provides a full-support Claims Management Service to our clients. By integrating its clients' business intelligence, financial and carrier programs, CTSI-Global can assist clients in recovering funds. CTSI-Global processes thousands of claims daily. All claims are available online, enabling clients to track claim statuses at any time.

Key Features of CTSI-Global's Claims Management Services Include:

  • Recording all overage, shortage and damage (OS&D) claims
  • Online data management interfacing with all shipment and billing records
  • Ongoing OS&D claims tracking tied to specific carrier PRO numbers
  • Claims cycle reporting highlighting the statuses of all OS&D claims
  • OS&D claims letters generated for carriers with exception follow-up
  • OS&D claims performance included in standard Carrier Report Card reporting