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Parcel Manifesting

Automate parcel, LTL, truckload processing, pack verification, palletization, international trade, hazardous material, ASN and vendor label compliances

CTSI-Global provides sophisticated parcel manifesting execution and compliance applications that streamline shipping processes from parcel and freight service selections in procurement to weighing, labeling, manifesting and documentation in shipping. They integrate with any ERP, SAP or WMS system.

Parcel Manifesting

The multi-carrier shipment processing connects to a wide variety of carrier and logistics service providers and automates weighing, rating, special service handling, bar code labeling and manifesting. Everything you need is available in a single consistent user interface, thereby eliminating errors from fragmented transportation cost accounting.

Are your clients looking for 100% fulfillment accuracy? Pack verification and palletization simplify the processes you need to capture and verify line-items packed within cartons, cartons within shipments and shipments on pallets for complete fulfillment visibility. If you pack multiple orders within a shipment, this solution helps you generate accurate packing slips.

Since 9/11, US Customs, Homeland Security, Department of Commerce, and other regulatory agencies have instituted stricter import and export compliance requirements. International Trade Regulations provides compliance managers with the controls they need to automate export documentation and compliance processes, thereby reducing the risk of penalties, seizures, delays, and loss of licenses.

The Department of Transportation maintains strict guidelines for preparing, documenting, and labeling shipments containing hazardous goods. CTSI-Global's hazardous material database enables compliance managers to ensure hazardous material documentation is complete and accurate, to enable the safe transport of good through interstate commerce.

In addition to the many regulatory compliance requirements facing management, clients are mandating that their trading partners conform to Advance Shipment Notification (ASN) and carton labeling specifications. Without processes in place at point of shipping to check contents and label containers properly, shippers risk incurring penalties and loss of sales.

Key Features of CTSI-Global's Parcel Manifesting Include:

Multi-Carrier Shipment Processing

  • Batch or group shipping
  • Future shipping
  • Ship to pending status
  • Corporate or personal address books
  • Integration with material handling equipment
  • Communication via email to carriers for online bid process

Pack Verification & Palletization

  • Verify line items packed in cartons
  • Track multiple orders in container (SWOG)
  • Load build cartons on pallets
  • Print packing slips

ASN & Carton Label Compliance

  • Capture serial numbers
  • Create Advance Shipment Notices (ASN's)
  • Generate vendor-compliant labels
  • Transmit ASN's to e-commerce portals

International Trade Compliance

  • Tariffs and forms
  • Country database utility
  • Electronic SED filing with AES Direct
  • Freight forwarder tariff summary
  • Export document processing
  • Digitized storage

Hazardous Material Compliance

  • Hazardous class database utility
  • Hazmat special service carrier processing
  • DOT hazmat reporting
  • Hazmat document processing
  • Digitized storage