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Committed to client-driven technology

CTSI-Global employs the latest in technology and information to optimize all inbound, outbound and third-party shipping transactions.

Platforms and architecture

For freight audit and payment, CTSI-Global operates multiple platforms for transaction processing and data entry, enterprise servers for redundant operations of all Internet applications and a state-of-the-art storage-area-network (SAN) storage appliance. This network includes clustered Web servers and load-balanced SQL database server technology. The capacity exceeds 60 terabytes. This dual-platform computing architecture enables us to provide fault-tolerant, powerful computer applications to our clients. Our Internet applications enjoy large, dedicated bandwidth, while being secured with the latest firewall and virus technology.

Software-as-a-Service applications

For all applications, CTSI-Global utilizes SaaS and cloud computing to increase capacity with the ability to easily add capabilities in an instant, giving clients more options and flexibility. Our innovative and intuitive Software-as-a-Service model provides the data you need with the flexibility, security and cost-effectiveness you expect from CTSI-Global.

Integration throughout your supply chain

All applications have the ability to interface with all major ERP and AP systems as well as proprietary client system formats that include but are not limited to SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, WMS and other Transportation Management Systems. CTSI-Global has been recognized for SAP Implementation Excellence by a Fortune 500 client that undertook the largest number SAP modules ever implemented at one time on a worldwide basis. 

CTSI-Global is truly committed to innovation with results, continuing to reinvest in the latest on-demand supply chain applications and performance and security technology.