The Role of Transportation in the Supply Chain

Logistics textbook and industry manual

The Role of Transportation in the Supply Chain is a definitive discussion of the transportation industry and its significance within the supply chain. With over 75 years of industry experience between them, authors J. Kenneth Hazen and Clifford F. Lynch have developed an excellent resource for professionals and students alike.

  • Transportation and the Supply Chain
  • Transportation Regulation
  • Rail Carriers
  • Motor Carriers
  • Air Carriers
  • Pipelines
  • Domestic Water Carriers
  • Special Carriers
  • Transportation Pricing
  • Transportation Management
  • Transportation Management Information and Systems (MIS)
  • Freight Bill Payment
  • International Transportation
  • Carrier / Shipper Relationships

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Review: Materials Management & Distribution

Who it's for: Supply chain managers, especially transportation buyers.

What it covers: The book includes chapters on all four modes, as well as on transportation pricing, regulation, freight bill payment and carrier/shipper relationships.

The lesson: This book is meant to explain how transportation industry shapes—and is shaped by—modern supply chains.

Review: Ackerman Warehousing Forum

This hardcover book is likely to find a place in the literature of education, as well as in business. The role of transportation in the supply chain, and the history of transportation regulation and deregulation are addressed within the book. A chapter is dedicated to each of the transportation modes, including pipelines, domestic water carriers, and special carriers. Other chapters are focused on pricing, management, and information systems, ending with a chapter about shipper/carrier relationships. Included in the appendices is a sample carrier contract. Full-color illustrations are found throughout the book. Each chapter is followed by several questions for the reader.

Publication details

ISBN: 9780974416748

Hazen, J. Kenneth, and Clifford F. Lynch, The Role of Transportation in the Supply Chain. Edited by Cheryl McMains. Memphis, Tenn.: CFL Publishing, 2008.