The Time Is Right: When Should Companies Turn to Outsourced Logistics Management?

In this era of modern convenience, consumers are growing more and more comfortable with the idea of outsourcing tasks they’re not equipped to deal with—or tasks they simply don’t want to do. From on-demand cleaning services to dog walking and more, there is no shortage of options that can help consumers save time and make their lives easier.

But when it comes to outsourcing logistics management, many companies are somewhat resistant to this trend. For some, the fear of relinquishing control of their supply chain holds them back from tapping support they really need. Others simply don’t know what options are available to them.

Outsourcing logistics doesn’t have to be an exercise in handing over the reins and hoping for the best. These services are designed to relieve friction—not add more. And with the right partner, they can be the key to optimizing the supply chain—cutting costs and putting hours back in the day.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Here are just a few signs that it’s the right time to explore outsourced logistics services.

The company lacks essential capabilities in-house

Few companies have everything they could possibly need in-house—from specialized staff to cutting-edge tools. And when those capabilities gaps are causing productivity to stagnate or profits to trickle down the drain, it’s time to look for a solution.

Outsourced logistics management services can be a highly cost-effective solution. Whether a company lacks in-transit tracking capabilities, the ability to analyze and report on its data, or something else entirely, these services can help companies keep pace with their competition—and get ahead.

Staff are buried under the weight of menial work

Manual processes can cause any supply chain to become sluggish and ineffective. And when staff are left struggling to keep up with everything on their plate, delays in service are inevitable—as are dips in morale.

The answer is rarely to hire more staff. Outsourcing certain aspects of supply chain management—like managing the transportation management system (TMS), handling the freight claim process, or coordinating inbound freight—not only allows companies to retain a lean workforce but can lead to process improvements that generate significant cost savings.

The result is happier staff who have more time to focus on critical areas of the business, and more streamlined operations that are easier to scale.

The business is moving into new markets

One of the most compelling reasons to turn to an outsourced partner is to take advantage of their international consulting services. For companies that are expanding into new markets, customs issues, regulatory concerns, and other shipping quagmires can make it difficult to keep things moving—increasing the potential for delays and unhappy customers. Add to that the fact that local business customs and language barriers can present a unique challenge for businesses dipping their toe into a new market for the first time, and the true value of international consulting becomes clear.

Look for a partner with vast global experience and expertise. But beware—some companies claim their “global” footprint is further reaching than it really is. Ask whether their regional facilities are company-operated or are themselves outsourced to another firm before signing on the dotted line, or else risk being left in the lurch should something go wrong.

Finding an expert partner to rely on

Outsourcing some or all aspects of their logistics management can help companies optimize their operations—without giving up control. The trick is finding the right partner.

As a global leader in logistics solutions, CTSI-Global has a proven track record of excellence spanning more than 60 years. We offer a range of best-in-class managed logistics services, with the option to bundle and customize services based on the business’s needs. And with company-operated facilities in the U.S., Ireland, Singapore, and India, our reach is truly global—as is our expertise.

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