Promoting Our People Improves the Logistics Management Experience for Customers

What if you’re committed to continually pushing the needle on excellence? You might try to improve your already smooth client onboarding process, keep driving advances in business analytics that equip customers with more actionable insights, and add to your international and regional bench strength to better serve companies with a global logistics footprint. If you were likewise committed to your people and believed people are actually key to better service delivery and logistics management. Then you wouldn’t be surprised by the following news: 2020 brings a round of promotions at CTSI-Global, and we’re taking a moment just to crow about what they mean to our customers for supply chain management. You hear a lot about company culture—this is ours.

Keeping the Client Onboarding Process Smooth

Elizabeth Nolan is now in charge of Risk Management, stepping up as VP. While mostly a role the customer never sees, making sure our contract and compliance process is robust actually streamlines onboarding for customers. That means when you’re ramping up with logistics management services or our business intelligence and TMS or moving up to those services from a basis in freight audit and payment, you’re not worried about getting bogged down in bureaucracy. We want onboarding to be as smooth as possible.

Stakeholders are often initially nervous when contemplating onboarding a new toolset, process, or vendor to manage logistics. And rightly so—transitions usually feel hard. We’re pros, with a solid onboarding process that reduces time and pain.  We have the right people in the right places to make it successful, and that investment in our people is really an investment in customers. Your end-user experience drives how and who we promote.  Specifically, our people work in an agile environment that lets us move forward incrementally, get feedback from users, and make adjustments quickly. We have lots of understanding from past implementations. And we take a consultative approach to logistics management: find out why things hurt, that implementation is going to resolve, and look for ways to ameliorate those symptoms. Years of experience are required to make those recommendations, streamline a given client’s onboarding process, and make it pleasant for all. Those years get rewarded at CTSI-Global, with advancement.

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Constantly Improving Support for Clients’ Global Operations

Lucille Lepez is now pushing the ball for Asia and Europe as VP of APAC and EMEA Operations. This is part of the continued global expansion of CTSI-Global to support our clients with teams on the ground, growth in those regions, and support for day to day operations there for our clients and their carriers. Lucille joined CTSI-Global in 2010 to focus on our international expansion and went on to direct operations for the APAC and EMEA regions. She has been focusing on adapting our services, building international teams, and creating new processes to support CTSI-Global as a true freight audit leader in these regions. Lucille has 15 years of experience in global projects, process optimization, business development, and local compliance. Prior to CTSI- Global, Lucille had been working and studying in Singapore, France, the US, and the UK in client services, sales, and marketing with large organizations such as Toshiba. Her education includes a Master’s in Management at Audencia Business School and a Bachelor of Law at the University of Lille.

In logistics, everyone likes to say, “we’re global,” but often that just means they white-label someone else’s global presence—which anyone could have done. That can work until problems arise, and the downtime of navigating the layers of responsibility only exacerbates the pain of navigating a maze of continually changing borders and regulations. Problems will arise, and the only way to ensure a rapid response is to invest in people who are physically there and report to the accountable vendor. At CTSI-Global, that accountability is built into the name.

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Relentlessly Driving Customer Visibility on Actionable Supply Chain Data

Kevin Beale is now VP of Business Insights and Analytics. We have the tagline “Total Logistics Technology + Intelligence” for a reason. We’re continually moving to get the most out of our customer’s data, helping clients with rate benchmarking and comparisons—to understand the rates and see if they’re comparable in the marketplace or they can decrease their expenditure. We’re giving clients eyes on rogue spending and helping with network optimization (are my warehouses in the right location for distribution centers for the operation I have?).

We’re looking with clients at potential service level improvements—e.g., is a given carrier not performing as expected, which affects the end-user—maybe we can source from a different place, use a different carrier. We can evaluate the cost of that impact, see if we’re using the most optimal mode (e.g., using overnight shipping for close locations where it would get there the next day anyway). We work with clients to examine historical patterns for opportunities—to cull and combine order shipments where timing is not the main concern, but lowering shipping cost is. Overall, we’re comparing rates across the industry, helping clients’ understand if their day to day operations are as efficient as they could be, whether they’re making the best day to day decisions, are located in the right places, etc. But of course, we also just enjoy the performance ride of driving supply chain technology to the next level.

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Supporting the People That Support Our Customers, So the Logistics Management Ecosystem Flourishes as a Whole

Client Services: we’ve also had a round of promotions in Client Services as we’ve grown our customer base and expanded globally. Our people on the ground need a deep bench of people to support them—outstanding individuals that have shined over the years working with customers internally and want an opportunity to support the process at a much higher level. They bring resources of experience and domain knowledge, making sure we have the bench strength and ensuring our team has internal support to evolve with our customers.

Happy employees are essential to having happy customers. Hiring and promoting team members to drive a culture of quality ensures that happiness is tangible as well as felt.

Are you interested in a career with CTSI-Global? Take a look at our Careers Page. Want to test us out by having us broker a freight load, or dive in with full-on logistics management services for an end-to-end smile? Hit us up and expect a fast response. We’re looking forward to winning you as part of our ecosystem of the best people helping the best equipped. You might also want to see:

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