The Technology Supply Chain: Specialized Logistics Considerations for High-Tech Goods

Moving high-tech goods can be a complex and expensive process. To ensure products arrive on time and in optimal condition, technology supply chain managers need to rely on a range of specialized logistics solutions—while protecting their ever-shrinking margins.

Delicate handling for sensitive goods

High-tech goods can be incredibly fragile and highly sensitive to external conditions. This creates a whole host of complications during the transportation process.

Take medical equipment like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) units. To move these without helium loss, these units need to be kept cool during storage and transportation. That requires the use of a specialized truck with strict temperature controls and a high level of visibility. Other shipments may require the use of special equipment and containers to minimize vibrations or static and prevent humidity or dust from getting into the goods.

Delicate products require careful shipping and handling. To avoid costly damage, delays, and waste, technology supply chain managers need to identify reliable carriers who can meet their exacting needs. This includes ensuring that every precaution is taken during the loading and unloading process, as well as during movement itself. Even damage to packaging can leave buyers concerned about the quality of the products contained within, sometimes resulting in them refusing to accept a shipment, so a careless approach can have major ramifications.

Capacity for large technological products

From the smallest microchip to the bulkiest medical, aerospace, or telecommunications equipment, technology goods can range dramatically in size and shape. One size certainly does not fit all when it comes to freight.

As such, technology supply chain managers often need to find carriers who can provide the capacity to move large, heavy, or awkwardly shaped equipment in the required time frame—and at the right rate.

Robust security for high-value equipment

High-tech goods can come with a high price tag. This can make shipments a prime target for theft, meaning shippers often need to work with carriers who can provide additional security safeguards.

This can include everything from real-time tracking for greater visibility to advanced locking systems, reinforced intrusion protection, and two drivers accompanying every shipment. Ensuring that carriers are appropriately insured can also be a key consideration when determining who to entrust with high-value tech freight, helping shippers mitigate risk and keep their products safe and secure.

Moving high-tech goods is easier with the right technology

Having a robust transportation management system can help technology supply chain managers to quickly identify the optimal carrier for even the most valuable or sensitive high-tech goods—minimizing risk, driving efficiency, and maximizing value.

At CTSI-Global, we developed our own proprietary system, Honeybee TMS™, to make it easy for shippers to streamline transportation planning and execution—no matter how complex their requirements might be. Honeybee TMS™ can help you optimize loads, select carriers who meet your precise needs, gain in-transit visibility, and more, so you can rest easy knowing your high-tech goods are in expert hands.

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