Outsourced Logistics Management: What Shippers Can Do to Get the Most from the Relationship

Tapping outsourced logistics management solutions can help shippers optimize their logistics operations and save time and money. But as the old saying goes, when it comes to relationships, you get out as much as you put in. When shippers work closely with their provider from day one and provide them with all the information they need to best support the business, they can establish a strong partnership—and get even more value out of these services.

In order to get the most out of outsourced logistics management, here are a few conversations to have upfront.

Set the right expectations

When shippers first reach out to a provider, it’s important for them to be clear about what they want out of the partnership. If a company doesn’t offer a particular service, this is the time to find out, not a few months down the line, when the shipper has already invested time and money in the relationship.

It’s also worth talking through how the partnership will work. How often will the provider communicate with the shipper? Are there tasks the shipper’s team will still be responsible for? By setting expectations at the right level, shippers can start the relationship out on the right foot and avoid disappointment later.

Discuss pain points

Most shippers don’t decide to contact an outsourced logistics management solutions out of the blue—they do so because they’re facing challenges that they don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to handle in-house. Discussing these pain points upfront can help shippers understand specific steps the company will take to improve their operations, helping to build trust and mutual understanding.

For example, if a shipper lacks visibility into their data, is this something that logistics management services will provide? At CTSI-Global, we provide business intelligence baked in. This means that the shippers that partner with us gain access to actionable insights that can inform their strategy—and drive even greater improvement.

Tap them for their expertise

One of the added benefits of working with an outsourced logistics management provider is the fact that they’ve seen it all before. They know what has worked—and, crucially, not worked—for other companies, and they can use this knowledge and experience to enhance a shipper’s operations.

We provide shippers that partner with us with a dedicated point of contact that they can reach out to if they have questions. But we also believe in leveraging our expertise in every action we take—so shippers can relax knowing that we’re always applying best practices and learnings to make their supply chain more efficient and cost-effective.

A true partnership that’s built to last

At CTSI-Global, being a true partner is our priority. We’re committed to providing shippers with solutions that optimize their logistics operations and make their lives easier. Our wide-ranging expertise means we’re able to take over individual logistics functions—or manage your entire supply chain.

Discover the benefits a true partnership can bring. Get started today.

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