Cloud-Based TMS Integrations Are a Scalable Solution for Shippers

Cloud-based transportation management systems (TMSs) have been a game-changer for large shippers—combatting the unpredictable market conditions, evolving customer expectations, and the complex operational challenges of the rapidly changing pace of modern logistics. Remote access, improved data security, and seamless workflow integrations are available with cloud-based TMS solutions—and not just for large shippers. 

A cloud-based TMS is a scalable solution for small-to-medium-sized shippers too. The endless benefits of cloud technology stem from its flexible accessibility. 

Accessible anywhere, secure everywhere

Shippers often struggle to ensure efficient and secure transportation operations, especially when teams are on the go. A cloud-based TMS, such as CTSI-Global’s Honeybee TMS,  enables users to access the system from anywhere and at any time, as long as they have an internet connection. 

Additionally, cloud-based TMS solutions have advanced data security measures, such as encryption and firewalls, to protect sensitive information. Added security gives shippers peace of mind when it comes to transportation operations and data.

Streamline workflow integrations with a cloud-based TMS

Shippers that rely on multiple systems to manage transportation operations face the pain of manual data entry, data discrepancies, and miscommunication between teams. With seamless workflow integration, a cloud-based TMS tackles human error head-on.

A cloud-based TMS can integrate with other systems and applications that shippers use, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.  For example, a cloud-based TMS can integrate with a warehouse management system to help shippers manage their inventory and transportation operations in a single place. This integration creates a seamless workflow that helps shippers automate their transportation management processes, reduce manual errors, and enhance efficiency.

Scaling up or down: adaptability of the cloud 

Shippers need transportation management systems that adapt to evolving needs as they grow or change. Cloud-based TMS solutions are highly scalable, meaning they can grow and adapt to meet rapidly shifting objectives. The system can easily add more users, locations, and transportation modes, all without the need for additional infrastructure investments. 

Cloud-based TMS solutions can also be customized to fit specific needs, such as certain transportation modes, goods, or geographic locations. This flexibility makes cloud-based TMS solutions an excellent option for shippers looking to expand or adjust their transportation operations.

Simple, powerful, and cost-effective transportation management

Honeybee TMS is CTSI-Global’s proprietary, cloud-based transportation management solution that tackles the industry’s biggest transportation management challenges, from managing and executing shipments to optimizing routes and handling claims. For shippers that want to simplify their processes and save time and money, a cloud-based solution Honeybee TMS is an excellent option. 

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