Freight invoicing auditing losing money

A Hole in the Company’s Pocket: The Challenge of Auditing Freight Invoices—and What It Really Costs

By efficiently auditing their freight invoices, companies can save thousands. But the complexity of this process means it’s woefully underused.

How to Drive Greater ROI with an Integrated Logistics Ecosystem

There's a goldmine hiding in your supply chain. Tap into it with a blend of cloud-based tools, strategic partnerships, and business intelligence.

How a Transportation Management System (TMS) Improves Your Supply Chain Performance

Continuous data. Connected visibility. Contextual intelligence. Learn how the right transportation management system can drive profits for your business.
What are the benefits of a Transportation Management System?

How a Transportation Management System (TMS) Reduces Costs & Bottlenecks

Streamline your supply chain, save time and money, and liberate your staff to focus on what matters most with a Transportation Management System.
logistics trends changes 2019

The Trends That Will Shape Logistics in 2019 and Beyond

Logistics can be a bumpy ride. But the road ahead holds fewer surprises for companies that take a proactive approach to strategizing.
logistics supply chain benchmarking

Hitting the Mark: How to Benchmark Supply Chain and Logistics Costs to Maximize Profits

Competitive benchmarking is an essential tool of best-in-class companies. But while many do it, few take full advantage of the insights it offers.
optimizing shipping route carrier service

Mastering Transportation Management: How to Choose the Optimal Freight Carrier, Route, and Service Every Time

Manually comparing carriers, services, and routes isn’t efficient or cost-effective. To optimize shipping processes, companies need a big-picture approach.

Keep Calm and Ship On: How to Survive the Holiday Surge

It's bad out there: The huge volume, breakneck pace, and sky-high customer expectations of the holidays are upon us. Here's how to survive in style.
inflation causes supply chain costs to rise

How to Keep Supply Chain Costs in Check When Inflation Is Rising Fast

It’s harder to manage supply chain costs during periods of high inflation. To protect your profit margins, a robust management strategy is essential.
global supply chain startups

Working Smarter, Not Harder: To Scale Effectively, Startups Need to Focus on Logistics Less

As your startup scales, your supply chain can fuel your growth—or grind operations to a screeching halt. A less is more approach can help.
supply chain management logistics business

Escaping the Logistical Nightmare: Keeping Your Supply Chain in Check, Without It Running Your Life

Managing your supply chain in-house drains your time and resources. Partnering with an expert logistics partner can help you focus on what you love.

Clearing the Road Ahead: How to Reduce the Cost, Complexity, and Uncertainty of Global Logistics

Consumers want more, faster. Change is constant. Supply chains are more complex. Read on for insights on upping your logistics game in our global economy.
Outsourced Logistics

Convenient, Customizable, Cost-Effective: the Benefits of Outsourcing Your Logistics

Optimizing your supply chain is critical to your success. Outsourcing logistics can save you time, money, and hassle, whatever the size of your operations.
Molex - Carrier Selection TMS application

Molex: TMS Brings New Levels of Logistics Efficiency

The Molex slogan, “bringing people and technology together, worldwide,” has a special meaning for this manufacturer’s logistics managers. They are in charge of the “bringing” part, managing an incredibly complex global pipeline of raw materials and finished products moving to and from Molex facilities and customers. The company had been using CTSI-Global’s freight bill payment and …

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freight pay case study

Molex Success Story: Buried No More

Freight Payment Outsourcing: Getting Finances in Ship Shape Consider this: Because of administrative overhead, it costs large companies about $11 to pay one freight invoice. For a company with 1,000 carrier invoices a month, that’s $11,000. But if a third-party freight payment/auditing firm processes these invoices, companies pay just 5 percent to 10 percent of …

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American Electric Power - TMS applications

AEP: A Day in the Life of a Transportation Manager

Ted Lunsford, Strategic Initiatives Lead, Transportation and Logistics, American Electric Power Responsibilities: Manage and negotiate carrier contracts for the company’s inbound and outbound freight Challenge: Extreme weather events can damage equipment, requiring expedited shipments for repairs and replacements Tools of the trade: Online routing guide and load posting software Improvement strategies: Evaluate freight pay data for clues to more …

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Technicolor - Event Management TMS application

Technicolor: Color Me Visible

Who can imagine the logistics forces necessary to have 18 million copies of the Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull DVD in 12,000 unique locations on a specified date? Technicolor can. Almost every week, this leading manufacturer and distributor of DVD’s and CD’s ensures that we will be able to comfortably view our favorite movie on the …

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