Beware White-Labeling: Why Combining Freight Pay Services with Our Native TMS Unlocks Greater Efficiencies

For companies processing hundreds or even thousands of shipments every month, freight pay services can be a game-changer, saving employees time and putting money back in the bottom line. But for all the savings these services bring, their value is squandered somewhat when shippers rely on disparate systems to manage their shipping data—limiting visibility and forcing staff to waste time on inefficient workarounds and manual data entry.

We see this all the time. When companies come to us for freight audit and payment services but got their transportation management system (TMS) from somewhere else, their TMS often turns out to be a white-labeled third-party system that doesn’t deliver on its promises. We hear the same concerns about those systems time and time again: a lack of customizability and integration, low visibility, and a drawn-out deployment period.

Integrating your TMS and freight pay under one roof eliminates those challenges. Here’s why.

Customize with ease

Customizing a white-labeled TMS isn’t easy. Shippers find themselves chasing down permission to make changes—and more often than not, they don’t get permission at all. As a result, the staff just have to try and work with what they’ve got, leading to frustration and inefficiencies.

With a native TMS like ours, that isn’t a problem. Since we developed the system entirely in-house, we can easily tailor it to fit your business’s unique needs, ensuring smooth integration with your other tools. And because we don’t have to seek approvals from a third party, getting the customizations you want won’t take forever.

Gain total visibility

Of course, our native TMS is also designed to work harmoniously with every piece of our logistics technology ecosystem. This eliminates the second big problem that many shippers experience with white-labeled systems: a lack of visibility into their data.

Disparate systems are the scourge of transparency. When data can’t flow seamlessly from one system to the next, vital information slips through the cracks, and invaluable insights grow stale before shippers can spot and act on them.

By bundling your TMS and freight pay with CTSI-Global, all your data lives in one fully integrated system, creating one shared version of the truth. Access real-time insights and keep an eye on your entire shipping ecosystem—without having to toggle between countless tools.

Deploy in no time

Deploying a TMS is rarely a speedy process, especially on a global scale. In some cases, it takes years for shippers to complete their deployment and see any return on investment at all. To make matters worse, some providers don’t (or can’t) provide the support shippers need to streamline the deployment process—either because they don’t know all the ins and outs of the third-party TMS, or because they don’t care.

Our TMS customers have a very different experience. The truth is, if you already use CTSI-Global’s freight auditing and payment services, we already have 85% of the data we need to deploy your TMS—resulting in rapid deployment and return on investment. And whether you already work with us in some capacity or not, our deep knowledge of our proprietary tools, combined with our hands-on approach to getting our customers up to speed, ensures a smooth and seamless transition.

Why rely on systems that don’t fit together? Consolidate your tools and reap the benefits by contacting us today.

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