Top 100 3PL Logistics Provider—Interview With Brian Scott, EVP Sales

CTSI-Global has been selected as Inbound Logistics Top 100 3PL Provider for 2020. We interviewed Brian Scott, EVP of Sales at CTSI-Global to get his insights on what puts a 3PL Logistics Firm at the top. The following are his answers:

How big of a role does being a Top 100 3PL play to CTSI-Global? 

Being designated as a Top 100 3PL plays a huge role in our company. We want to be known as more than a commodity service provider of auditing freight bills. Think CH Robinson, Ryder, or Coyote. They’re the big 3PLs that we want to be known in comparison to. It’s a huge deal in the market to be recognized as a 3PL offering multiple logistics services and to be visible in this industry among those big names. 

Do you feel that CTSI-Global offers some distinct advantages over those big household 3PL names? 

A huge component of what we and everybody else needs to do is build rate shipments. Our start in route auditing gives us an advantage because our rate engine and auditing capabilities are much better than most other 3PLs. We also have expert ability in rating multi-mode shipments, which is an advantage over other 3PLs. Lastly, we have captured an enormous amount of data that we’re able to seamlessly present to our clients. Overall, that rating background helps us move into any function that a 3PL would offer.

In your opinion, why did CTSI-Global earn the designation of Top 100 3PL? 

Our track record of saving shippers money and having long term relationships have a lot to do with earning this award. Many of our customers have been with us for 15 or 20 years, which proves we’re doing something right. We’ve been able to maintain the relationships, provide value, and hold ourselves accountable for earning our money. To do that, we have to continuously find ways to improve the logistics and supply chain for our customers, which is critical. 

What makes the Top 100 3PL different from the Top 100 Logistics Provider designation? 

To get the Top 100 3PL award shows that we’re providing value across the entire supply chain, from the beginning stages of optimizing orders and moving the freight to auditing the loads and presenting the data back to the client to help them make better decisions. This award goes beyond just being a great logistics provider. It proves we did multiple things well to provide value to our customers.

CHALLENGERS: CTSI-Global has a number of 3PLs as its customers. Are you competing with them? 

Even though we are competitors, it’s beneficial for both parties. We have a lot of other auditing firms that come to us and use us for that backbone rating functionality. Occasionally, we have competed on some prospects with our 3PL clients. However, if the relationship our client has with the prospect is stronger than ours, let them have it. If they win the business, I’m still gaining business! They’re using us as their processor of those freight bills on the backend, which increases my transactions and helps our client grow. When they grow, we grow. Win-win!

LEADERS: Where do you think CTSI-Global is exercising industry leadership as a 3PL? 

The areas where we have the biggest ability to lead is in the amount of data that we have, our processes to handle that data for hundreds of shippers, and our ability to chug through the numbers and look at different rating possibilities amongst all of it. We can marry up shippers in ways that other 3PLs would struggle to do because we can run optimization scenarios and different pictures quickly and can really help shippers team up together. 

NICHE PLAYERS: Is CTSI-Global a niche player in this market or the total package?

Total package. Since we’ve already played in multiple verticals and multiple industries, such as automotive, pharmaceutical, high tech, and manufacturing, we’re not niche. We don’t just focus on small parcels, which many other companies do because of the transaction volume. We look at the entire picture, rail, ocean, air, trucks, air freight, all of it and can tie everything together to make sure you’re optimizing the way you’re shipping. We’re definitely an engaged all in 3PL provider.

VISIONARIES: Over the next decade, does CTSI-Global plan on maintaining its vision or moving forward?

We’re moving forward. There are very few audit companies these days that are doing just audit and freight bills. If we stay stagnant and don’t look at ways to stay ahead of the curve, we won’t be around in 10 years. We’re going to keep on the move and pushing forward, looking at ways to adapt and use our strengths of data and rating to become even more of a visionary in the 3PL industry, not just the traditional freight bill audit marketplace, which we’ve been a leader in for years.

How are you, Brian, exercising leadership for CTSI-Global that contributes to the company’s leadership role in this industry? 

My role for CTSI-Global is to bring in revenue. There’s a lot of competition entering the industry every day. Good competition! We’ve got to stay ahead of the technology game by constantly looking for new ways to evolve. We’ve also got to keep those personal relationships with the clients strong because they’ve got 30 other companies calling them daily to win their business. CTSI-Global has to stand out. Our ability to connect with shippers and show that we’re continually improving our technology is how we win and keep business. Since my role is to bring in revenue, I’m always looking for ways to improve CTSI-Global, both our product services and the way that we engage with our customers.


When choosing the 2020 Top 100 3PL Providers, Inbound Logistics editors looked for providers who offer the visibility, flexibility, speed and control that drive the supply chain solutions our audience needs to achieve their goals and meet customers’ evolving needs. Inbound Logistics is proud to honor CTSI-Global for innovative solutions empowering logistics and supply chain excellence in 2020. — Felecia Stratton, Editor, Inbound Logistics

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