Thought Leadership

Lean Logistics—Is There Such a Thing?

To achieve truly lean logistics operations, it's essential to consistently measure your organization and look for opportunities to streamline.

Is lean logistics a buzzword or a legitimate strategy for generating efficiency? Here’s how to bring lean logistics within reach—and bring costs down.

How to Unlock Consistently Better LTL Shipping Rates by Outsourcing the RFP Process

Unlock better LTL shipping rates on a consistent basis with RFPs.

Conducting regular RFPs is one of the best ways to keep your LTL shipping costs down. Here’s how to avoid the challenges many shippers run into.

Your Freight Spend Is Not What You Think It Is—Here’s Why, and How to Gain Visibility and Control

Without total visibility into your data, your freight spend can quickly get away from you.

Many shippers have an idea about their freight spend that isn’t the whole truth. Here’s how to see what’s really going on with your spend—and bring it down.

The Tip of the Time-Consuming Iceberg: Why Offloading Freight Auditing Is Not Enough to Optimize Efficiency

As far as inefficient tasks go, freight auditing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Outsourcing freight auditing can save shippers time and money. But this is not the only time-consuming task that may be holding efficiency back.

Beware White-Labeling: Why Combining Freight Pay Services with Our Native TMS Unlocks Greater Efficiencies

When you combine freight pay services with our native TMS, all the pieces fit together seamlessly.

White-labeled TMSs rarely deliver on their promise. By consolidating our native TMS with our freight pay services, shippers see an immediate difference.