Thought Leadership

Why an Efficient Supply Chain Is a Green Supply Chain

A green supply chain is good for business.

Working toward a green supply chain can help companies cut transportation costs and meet customer expectations. Here’s how.

Forecasting Demand Accurately in the Age of Uncertainty

Forecasting accurately during periods of disruption can seem impossible.

When the market is evolving fast, accurate forecasting can be a challenge. These steps can help companies stay on top of demand.

Cautious Optimism and Warranted Concerns: Supply Chain Leaders Look Ahead to Peak Shipping Season

Shippers are cautiously optimistic about peak shipping season this year.

As we enter peak shipping season, survey data shows that supply chain leaders are optimistic, but not blind to the challenges ahead.

The Truck Driver Shortage Worsens in the Wake of Current Challenges

The truck driver shortage is worsening.

The truck driver shortage is an ongoing issue in the logistics industry—but recent events have exacerbated it significantly.

What the Global Semiconductor Shortage Teaches Us About the Future of Supply Chain Management

The global semiconductor shortage is impacting a lot of industries.

The semiconductor shortage has hurt countless industries—but the lessons that have come out of it may be indispensable.