Boost Your Employer Brand With Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Most supply chain leaders know that outdated technology and processes undermine competitiveness, making supply chain digital transformation vital to the business and its brand. Siloed systems affect productivity and internal communication. Excess manual processes create ample room for error, and poor supply chain visibility can affect everything from responsiveness to customer service.

Outdated technology hinders a firm’s ability to attract and retain top supply chain talent. Nearly a third of workers surveyed for Adobe Workfront’s State of Work 2021 report admitted to leaving a job because their employer’s technology hindered their work. Likewise, the survey found that people who turned down job offers from employers with outdated technology rose significantly during the pandemic.

Supply chain professionals often encounter this problem when working in an industry that has historically lagged in digitization. After pulling through the pandemic’s chaos with inadequate tools and processes, many are rethinking the kind of experience they expect at work.

As more firms embrace supply chain digital transformation, the ability to offer efficient working environments free of repetitive and labor-intensive tasks will turn into a key differentiator for jobseekers. Firms that want to remain competitive both as enterprises and employers will be wise to invest in supply chain digital transformation.

Set teams up for success with business intelligence tools

An outdated tech stack or one that is a poor fit for the needs of an enterprise can become a significant hindrance for employees. Excessive manual tasks and redundant processes drain people’s time, attention, and energy and leave them overworked and unproductive.

Business intelligence tools that streamline enterprise processes and unify siloed information will do a lot to ease workloads and improve communication and collaboration between teams. Decision-makers and teams working in areas like risk mitigation, forecasting, and finances will especially benefit from making more informed decisions and responding more effectively to events.

Beyond simplifying day-to-day tasks, better access to data will significantly impact supply chain teams’ ability to handle events effectively. In a landscape where volatility can reign, one of the best things an enterprise can do for its workforce is to ensure that they have the right tools to take on any challenge.

Attract fresh talent with industry-leading tech

Supply chain and logistics have long struggled to attract Millennials and Gen Zers. For a long time, the industry didn’t have the same halo in youngsters’ eyes as tech. But, that may be about to change thanks to a renewed interest in supply chain degrees spurred by the high-profile events of the past three years.

Attracting young workers is crucial for long-term survival to ensure a steady flow of new ideas. Firms should take advantage of this renewed interest in the industry and position themselves as desirable, tech-forward employers for a new cohort of supply chain professionals.

As two generations that came of age in a digital world, Millennials and Gen Zers are even less tolerant than their predecessors of outdated processes and repetitive tasks. They’ve come to expect cutting-edge technology that is efficient and easy to use in and out of the workplace. Paperwork, arcane legacy software, and endless spreadsheets are sure to raise eyebrows and send them running for the door.

Boost morale and retention with supply chain digital transformation

The tools people use every day have enormous potential to affect their view of their job and their employer. G2, a business software review platform, found that more than half of employees cite their employers’ software tools as one of the reasons they’re unhappy at work— and close to a quarter citing it as a reason for wanting to leave.

Quality enterprises’ tech stack has become a crucial part of their employer brand and a deciding factor on the quality of their workforce’s on-the-job experience. Happy employees are not only more productive and efficient—they’re often employees who stay and become valuable assets.

Off the heels of the Great Resignation and the dynamic Covid-19 pandemic, a move toward tech-forward environments trends continues to trend. Shippers should seize the opportunity to re-evaluate their tech stacks and invest in the technologies that will power their future.

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