Better Security, Better Experience: Introducing CTSI-Global’s New Authentication Technology

At CTSI-Global, we’re always looking for ways to better protect our clients’ data. That’s why we’re proud to launch our new login page for all CTSI-Global applications, backed by enhanced authentification technology. The result: stronger security protocols—and a better user experience.

We’ll be seamlessly transitioning all users to our new login page by the end of April. Here’s what this transition will mean for our valued clients.

A simpler, more secure login experience

Once the rollout is complete, users will be automatically redirected to our new landing page when they go to access the current login page.

In addition to integrating best-in-class user authentification technology, we’ve taken this opportunity to give the login page’s design a fresh coat of paint. The new look is clean, modern, and intuitive, providing a streamlined experience.

Here’s the current design:

CTSI Global current landing page

And here’s what our new landing page will look like:

CTSI-Global new secure login page

Logging into the new page couldn’t be simpler. Users who already have a unique username and valid email address will simply need to enter their username and password to access the tools and services they need. And once they’ve logged in once, they have the option to choose between using their username or email address for future logins.

Usernames won’t change. But if a person previously used separate usernames to access different CTSI-Global systems, our goal is to consolidate those usernames into a single user ID for a simplified, more efficient experience.

As part of our enhanced security protocols, users will not be able to share email addresses when accessing our systems. We care about preventing unauthorized access, so every user must have a unique username tied to a valid email address. That also means users who don’t have a valid or current email address on file will need to re-register. But getting set up is quick and easy.

And if a user forgets their password? No problem. The new landing page has built-in password reset functionality.

Prioritizing data privacy, improving the user experience

We haven’t made any changes to features or functionality, so once a user logs into our new landing page, they’ll find all the familiar tools they need. This new identity and access management service is just one step we’re making to ensure our clients’ sensitive data is kept safe. We know our clients take data privacy seriously, and so do we.

This isn’t the only improvement CTSI-Global will be making over the next year. We’re committed to providing a best-in-class experience to all our clients and carrier partners, which is why we always keep our eye on new and emerging technologies and best practices. It’s that approach which helped us become a leader in this field—and we’re never content to rest on our laurels.

Not a user yet? Discover the CTSI-Global difference today.

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