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"We demoed the TMS. It is easy on the eyes, quick to learn and has broad capabilities. Individual functions move quickly. The user can configure it extensively. To a large extent, the TMS is a logical process extension of the very tight IT freight bill payment system."

"CTSI-Global began as a freight audit and payment company but quickly discovered the value in the information it was able to capture and securely store for its clients. With this in mind, CTSI-Global developed leading-edge analytical tools to translate this information into meaningful transportation management solutions."

"One of the building blocks that allowed CTSI to grow is the idea of exceptional customer service. The company prides itself on having constant and exclusive contact with its customers. For example, it was one of the first firms to allow complete access to freight bill information. This way carriers and clients can see a freight bill in the system and whether it's been paid or not."

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CTSI-Global Remains World’s Largest Privately Held Freight Audit and Payment Services Provider

MEMPHIS, Tenn., March 14, 2017 — Recently, some sources have provided errant data suggesting that CTSI-Global has been acquired ...
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Executive Overview

The Core Facts About CTSI-Global

Vital, on-the-spot intelligence–one proud client at a time.

Deep automation—fueled by robust data and clever analytics—will power the supply chain and freight industries of the 21st century.

Business Intelligence Briefing

CTSI-Global and the Future of Data

Visualizing data provides options, so clients make better shipping decisions every day.

Managed Services Briefing

Customized Outsourced Logistics: Crown Jewel of CTSI-Global's Offerings

Fully Outsourced Freight Transportation Management

Trusting a global leader with a proven track record that can handle every aspect of your freight operation enables you to focus on what matters most.

Freight Audit & Pay

CTSI-Global Made Its Name on Freight Audit and Pay

Watch your margins grow with comprehensive FAP services.

The numbers add up! On average it costs a company $5 to process and pay a freight invoice versus a fraction of that with CTSI-Global.


Allows companies to manage all aspects of an inbound and outbound transportation network.

A Fully Integrated Solution for Inbound/Outbound Transporation

Automate labor-intensive tasks and strategically manage transportation costs throughout your entire supply chain.