Technicolor: Color Me Visible

Who can imagine the logistics forces necessary to have 18 million copies of the Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull DVD in 12,000 unique locations on a specified date? Technicolor can.

Almost every week, this leading manufacturer and distributor of DVD’s and CD’s ensures that we will be able to comfortably view our favorite movie on the date promised. These magic dates called “street dates” are the heart of Technicolor’s logistics challenges. Over one billion units annually must be replicated and delivered to their final destination by this precise, advertised date.

The process all starts in China from which container loads of supplies and components sail ultimately bound for Guadalajara, Mexico. There, the DVD’s and CD’s are replicated and dispatched to Technicolor warehouses in Memphis, Livonia, Michigan and Southern California. From these distribution centers, the units move to their final retail location through less-than-truckload or package delivery systems.

The challenge Technicolor faced was to find a system that would give them complete visibility to their shipments any time of the day or night. They needed a system that would be robust enough to allow them to detect possible delivery delays and take steps to ensure delivery prior to the designated street date. To do this, they needed to have dock-to-delivery visibility to millions of units each week.

“Technicolor chose CTSI-Global and its Event Management System to provide the visibility they needed” 

The CTSI-Global system has the collaborative event management technology that integrates all modes and carriers into one online supply tracking solution. In addition to providing in-transit tracking visibility, this system gives Technicolor the ability to extend tracking to include pre- and post-shipment activity. These transportation tracking strengths with warehouse management tracking technologies provide an end-to-end tracking solution.

The result: Millions of happy viewers and a Technicolor reputation for on-time delivery.

After the fact, CTSI-Global audits and pays all freight bills, ensuring correct weight, rates, and accessorial charges. Reports on all activities and their costs are readily available to Technicolor through the online visibility tools.

In addition to those modules utilized by Technicolor, the CTSI-Global system contains additional applications for load consolidation, rating and routing, mode / carrier selection, order / bill of lading (BOL) capture, reporting and modeling, load / Web tendering and benchmarking.

This Web-based application is for organizations seeking an enterprise-wide solution, managed through centralized administration tools.

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