COVID Response: Business Continuity Protocol

As the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads, CTSI-Global is taking steps to ensure our clients will continue to receive superior service. CTSI-Global’s technological expertise and our global footprint are vital to our foundation in mitigating effects of COVID-19. Safety and security are of the utmost importance to CTSI-Global.

CTSI-Global’s SaaS model offers seamless integration and the optimization technology combined with the transportation execution platform help to automate processes and improve performance levels. Since access to our system is web-based, it can be accessed remotely by clients, carriers, and employees. As always, system monitoring and administration is continuous.

Communication and Travel

CTSI-Global has offices around the world to best serve our clients. Our employees, including our Client Services and Carrier Services department, can work from home if required.

CTSI-Global maintains two global development centers in Memphis, Tennessee and Chennai, India dedicated to providing around-the-clock programming and systems support. This enables us to provide timely programming solutions in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

At this time, travel is approved on a case-by-case basis. We will primarily manage our business relationships through email, phone, and video conferencing.

SaaS Benefits and Security

All access to the CTSI-Global ecosystem is via Internet connections. Our online services minimize disruption and maximize flexibility to work remotely.

CTSI-Global employs cryptographic software to protect data. CTSI-Global receives and transmits proprietary client information daily. Security is enforced by the use of a firewall, preventing unauthorized access to our network. CTSI-Global requires each user to be assigned a login and password that is encrypted and decrypted in every application and is recorded each and time a user accesses our applications. This provides an audit trail and restricts access to critical client information.

Invoice Submission and Online Services

  1. If carriers cannot submit invoices via mail, we have EDI, ODE (Online Data Entry), and email options.
  2. CTSI-Global’s TMS will continue to operate as it does today.
  3. CTSI-Global’s Business Intelligence applications provide the performance reporting and insight for uninterrupted process improvement.
    1. Strategic Data easily allows for evaluation of any cost and capacity conflict.
    2. The Modeling application offers alternate scenarios for distribution and fuel prices. These forecasting tools reveal factors that may impact supply chain decision making and planning.

System Architecture and Backups

CTSI-Global’s computer infrastructure is continually improved to remain on the leading edge of technology. CTSI-Global has multiple data center sites. The infrastructure design is engineered for elimination of computer failure and application disruption. This design architecture predicates redundancy, failover, and load balancing. CTSI-Global uses clustering technology, storage mirroring, and replication software to provide dependable service.

The production Web servers used by clients are redundant and experience no downtime due to the backup software’s ability to save data without stopping the services.

CTSI-Global performs systematic full data backup procedures. Client data, posted freight invoices, carrier remittance, program libraries, and TMS data are mirrored at our redundant off-site operation and all critical data is backed up in two formats for long term archiving purposes. We have implemented a separate backup network to ensure that production data traffic is not interrupted by backup traffic.

Health and Safety Metrics

CTSI-Global is committed to providing a safe workplace. We strive to provide wellness programs for employees, annual biometric screenings, and encourage healthy work practices and lifestyles. To ensure efficient operations and provide a collaborative work environment, CTSI-Global expects employees to follow standards of conduct and safety policies that will protect the interests and well-being of all employees and any visitors.

CTSI-Global has educated employees on recommendations by public health officials regarding COVID-19 and is taking sanitation measures seriously in order to allay risk. Each office is following COVID-19 safety protocols appropriate to its local area. The health and safety of our employees and the security of our clients are our priorities.

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