Freight Audit & Pay

CTSI-Global's core service for over 60 years

Watch Your Margins Grow with Comprehensive Freight Audit and Payment Services

At CTSI-Global, we process 5 million freight transactions every day—and over $15 billion in freight dollars every year. And we treat each one as an opportunity to save our clients money. Your freight invoices could be a goldmine of savings—if you have the right people to review them.

From audit and analysis to allocation and exception management, CTSI-Global’s audit staff has over 400 years’ of combined experience in all modes of transport with the biggest companies in the world, both domestic and international. Our wealth of knowledge and expertise allows us to catch freight invoice errors that would otherwise go undetected—and maximize your savings every single time.

  • Contract Management

    Count on us to scan, store, review, and analyze all of your contracts online with total customization and true Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

  • Data Capture

    The industry’s widest array of data capture and normalization alternatives—including EDI processing, OCR scanning, Online Data Entry (ODE), manual data entry, and custom electronic file processing—enable us to meet every client and carrier need, ensuring absolute data integrity and security.

  • Audit and Analysis

    Refined over decades, our world-class multi-modal audit technology fully automates audits for all duplicate, rate, discount, ancillary, and performance metrics, with refund processing for all exceptions.

  • Cost Allocation

    With extensive experience designing customized coding techniques, CTSI-Global can accommodate virtually any request and allocate costs by any criteria (including carrier account, origin, recipient, product or employee).

  • Exception Management

    We’ll access and review all billing exceptions to modify, reject, or approve them for payment processing—with audit and cost allocation requirements customized to meet your exact needs.

  • Payment Processing

    Our fully compliant system monitors every contract, enabling on-time payments that precisely match your negotiated terms—and can pay (and report) in any country, currency, or exchange rate.

Freight Audit and Payment Savings Support Your Global Logistics Ecosystem

Eliminate payment errors, save time and money, and offload freight payment and contract management with advanced Freight Audit and Payment from CTSI-Global:

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Our international solutions support all modes, carriers, and industries. With boots on the ground, we understand the languages, customs, regulations, and complexities of global business.

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You have full visibility and transparency into carrier rates, audit and coding logic, and invoices. You’re never in the dark, with strategic data, modeling, and benchmarking second to none.

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With billions of dollars of freight invoices under our belts, we’ve worked with the biggest names around the world and small, regional and mid-sized shippers. We’re the largest processor parcel invoices globally.

The Bottom Line

We’ll audit your freight bills, allocate the charges, make the payments, and report the results, ensuring that you always pay the correct amount—and saving you time and money better spent on tactical issues.

Grow your margins with comprehensive Freight Audit and Payment solutions.

The numbers add up! On average it costs a company $5 to process and pay a freight invoice versus a fraction of that with CTSI-Global.