Logistics Management

Customized Logistics Partnership with CTSI-Global

End-To-End or Customized Logistics Management Solutions

Trust a global leader with a proven track record to handle every aspect of your freight operation, empowering you to focus on what matters most to move your business forward. CTSI-Global is dedicated to optimizing your logistics strategy, while providing full visibility into the intricacies of your supply chain.

Choose Your Bundle

CTSI-Global’s wide-ranging expertise means we can step in to support individual functions or manage your entire supply chain. We’ll handle the details so you can focus on the processes that move your business forward.

  • Carrier Management

    CTSI-Global maintains strategic relationships with thousands of carriers—individually vetting them on everything from security to performance. Our unique reach and resources help us source the most reliable and cost-effective transportation for every single shipment.

  • Managed TMS

    CTSI-Global will provide critical staff and resources to assist your team in managing all aspects of your transportation management system (TMS), from dispatching to appointment scheduling and beyond, saving you critical time and boosting your efficiency.

  • In-Transit Tracking

    Never take a freight-related service call again. We’ll handle tracking, reporting, and communication so you can focus on what matters to your business.

  • Inbound Freight Management

    Managed services aren’t just an outbound solution. CTSI-Global can also coordinate every aspect of your inbound supplier shipments, from routing to carrier selection, tracking, and P.O. allocation.

  • Freight Claim Management

    Smarter processes translate to consistent, exception-free shipping. In the rare event of a lost or damaged freight shipment, we’ll handle every aspect of the claim process with the carrier on your behalf.

  • International Consulting

    CTSI-Global has been strategically positioned with operations around the globe for decades, and our expertise extends to customs issues, filing processes, international regulatory concerns, and more. A dedicated 24/7 account team can answer burning questions and respond quickly to any issues that arise.

A Team To Enhance Your Supply Chain process

In addition to the technology and logistics services, you acquire a big team with diverse skill sets—without having to pay extra for it.


Global Account Manager

Coordinates activities in support of your supply chain requirements across all our functional groups.

NICE! This single point of contact allows for quick interactions, deliverables being consistently on time, and your firm's initiatives to move rapidly across the CTSI-Global ecosystem. Delight typifies the client experience.

TMS Analyst

Optimizes Transportation

Your TMS Analyst sets up loads in TMS, performs spot market auction functions, coordinates distribution of BOLs.

SCORE! By leveraging your assigned team to enter loads within the TMS, you take advantage of our expertise to maximize savings and coordination across your shipping platform. Institutional knowledge stays as roles change.

Control Tower

Administers Supply Chain

In-transit tracking, carrier compliance, freight audit, claims, project mgmt, modeling and benchmarking.

WIN! Utilizing a control tower approach, you always have a comprehensive yet cost-effective supply chain solution. Focus on your firm's core operations while we manage critical functions across your supply chain.

What You’ll Gain from CTSI-Global Managed Services

From productivity to peace of mind to the bottom line, you’ll realize the advantages of CTSI-Global’s managed services from day one.

Choose Your Bundle

Incorporates CTSI-Global’s best-in-class global services, including TMS, business intelligence, and freight audit and pay as a bundled service.

Cost Savings

Significant, sustainable cost savings via optimized carrier selection and negotiation.

Carrier Capacity

Expanded carrier capacity in a competitive market.

Boost Efficiency

Comprehensive services—including invoicing, tracking, and analytics—allow for production boosts and seamless freight shipping.

Total Visibility

Complete visibility into all aspects of the supply chain.

Lean Workforce

Managed services are more cost-effective and more scalable than staff augmentation.

Business Intelligence Baked In

Business intel touches every activity in the supply chain. We synthesize millions of records down to meaningful reporting and actionable cost analysis.

Fully Outsourced Freight Transportation Management

Trust a global leader with a proven track record that can handle every aspect of your freight operation so you can focus on what matters most.