Strategic Data

Business Intelligence and Analytics to Optimize Logistics Processes

Centralize your shipping data into one global information warehouse. CTSI-Global's Business Intelligence solutions empower you to visualize, synthesize, and analyze your data trends into actionable insights.

Shipment Execution

Manage all aspects of a shipment, from creation to tracking to ensuring on-time delivery, while seeing any related KPI.

Carrier Report Card

Compare, graph, and trend all key shipping variables, including carrier and mode performance in one standardized format.

Freight Audit & Payment

Create reports not only against your invoice data and KPIs but also track CTSI-Global performance as FAP provider.

Now You Can Track All Shipping Variables in Your Supply Chain

Strategic Data: Drill down into data visualizations to transform KPIs into actionable information.

Carrier Report Card: Compare, graph, and trend all carrier and mode performance in one standardized format.

KPI Dashboards: Drill down into reporting for any KPI using intuitive dashboards based upon uses such as executive or global.

Parcel Dashboards: Manage shipping data with dashboards to view package-level detail.

Online Reporting: Easily generate custom reporting or useful standardized reports.