Why Smart Shippers Leverage CTSI-Global’s Buying Power to Achieve More Competitive Pricing

In 2017, U.S. companies spent a record $1.5 trillion on shipping costs. And thanks to strong demand and tight capacity, those costs are only going to go up.

When margins are razor thin, supply chain managers can spend fruitless hours staring at the books and trying to bargain with their carriers—all in the hopes of finding an opportunity to save. But while they have the right attitude, there’s a faster and more effective way to gain access to more competitive pricing.

As part of our ongoing series into the competitive advantages companies can gain by improving their supply chain efficiency, here’s a look into how CTSI-Global’s unique position allows us to quickly and consistently achieve better pricing for our customers.

A big-picture view

At CTSI-Global, we process $12 billion in freight annually—which is unsurprising considering that 5 million transactions go through us every day. What’s more, we’ve integrated with 20,000 carriers around the globe, spanning all conceivable modes of transportation.

That all adds up to a lot of data. And all that data gives us a crystal-clear view of the transportation industry—allowing us to pass insights on to our customers.

Using our data, we’re able to benchmark customer rates, carriers, and service to see how well an individual shipper stacks up against the market. Armed with this information, our clients can make more strategic decisions when it comes to their transportation needs.

But that’s only the start of what we can offer to the shippers that partner with us.

A prime position to negotiate

Thanks to our global reach and the huge volume of freight we process every year—not to mention our trusted reputation in the market—CTSI-Global has significantly more buying power than individual shippers can achieve in carrier negotiations. This allows us to negotiate for more competitive pricing from carriers that we’ve vetted and know to be high quality, ensuring our customers don’t have to sacrifice service for a lower price.

Our powerful modeling application makes it easy for us to compare carrier proposals against one another and against previously paid amounts. We pass these insights on to our clients, empowering them to optimize their mode and service—and negotiate the very best deal possible.

At the same time, we’re dedicated to helping our customers navigate the capacity crunch. That’s why we’re consistently introducing new carriers to our network, allowing us to meet specific client demands and the demands of the market in general. This improved capacity further drives down costs, giving our clients an even greater advantage over their competitors.

An ongoing commitment to savings

For over 60 years, CTSI-Global has helped our customers bring their shipping costs down while improving efficiency and optimizing their supply chain. But we never want our clients to just take our word for it.

Our leading-edge Strategic Data application gives shippers ongoing, real-time visibility into their freight savings. They have the option to view this information at a glance using the intuitive summaries provided on their dashboards, or drill down into the data to see their savings on a more granular, shipment-level basis.

This complete transparency makes it easy for them to present the savings to their leadership teams. And since our Business Intelligence tools make data visualization and reporting a breeze, turning all this data into actionable insights takes no time at all.

Take advantage of our data and buying power today. Contact us to find out more.

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