5 Key Components of a Multimodal TMS Solution

Multi-modal shipping, also known as combined transport, is the double threat of shipping—featuring at least two modes of transportation. This term refers to a single contractual agreement between a carrier and shipping company that involves more than one mode of transport to move freight, including rail, road, air, or ocean.

Paired with an effective multimodal transportation management system, shippers can streamline all aspects of the shipping process, from order management and load optimization to rating and routing, freight auditing and payment, and business intelligence.

According to Research and Markets, ”multimodal transport can improve transportation efficiency by 30%, reduce transportation costs by 20%, and promote energy savings and emissions reduction by more than one third.”

With all shipping processes centralized under one system, not to mention a trustworthy logistics partner’s wrap-around support and expertise, shippers can increase efficiency, leverage real-time data to improve strategy, and boost their bottom line. Here’s how multimodal TMS solutions change the logistics game.

Load Planning

One of the most important parts of the shipping process begins in the preparation and planning stage. A multi-modal TMS solution enables shippers to manage their orders better—first by making sure all of their systems are in sync. This means integrating ERP, WMS, or other execution platforms directly with the TMS to get a complete view of the order lifecycle.

Integration not only provides shippers with greater visibility into the order lifecycle but also helps save time and reduce the potential for human error. Rather than enter information by hand, automation allows for faster processing so shippers can work more efficiently and minimize errors.

From there, the TMS allows users to consolidate shipments by taking capacity, route optimization, and other factors into account. By leveraging powerful algorithms to maximize the capacity of each truck and driver, shippers can optimize their loads in advance.

Rating and Routing Center

When it’s time for shippers to focus on the execution process, a multimodal TMS solution centralizes and enhances rating, carrier selection, tendering, and execution. This process is even more straightforward with support from a reliable logistics partner.

CTSI-Global assists in the following, among other processes:

With CTSI-Global, shippers gain direct access to carrier APIs, including volume-based quotes, auto-calculated accessorials, and real-time transit estimates. The CTSI-Global rate engine also helps teams calculate internal rates, audit carrier charges, and more so teams don’t have to waste valuable time on calculations.

Control Tower

Once the load is prepared, and rates and routes are in order, shippers need real-time information about their shipment’s progress, delivery, and timing.

Honeybee TMS’s multimodal solution provides real-time tracking and delivery notifications. These capabilities keep businesses and their customers informed about where shipments are and when they will arrive.

Predictive ETAs also give teams real-time visibility into critical issues across the supply chain, including weather, accidents, and hours-of-service. Billions of location data points provide this predictive analysis, which helps shippers provide clear and accurate updates, prepare their clients for delays, or pivot their overall strategy if needed.

Freight Audit & Payment

Every shipping team needs an efficient freight auditing and payment system. There are so many simultaneous processes to manage, from contract management and data capture to cost allocation and payment processing, that errors could easily go unnoticed.

CTSI-Global’s multimodal TMS solution combines best-in-class freight auditing and payment services to provide support with:

  • Contract management
  • Data capture
  • Cost allocation
  • Audit and analysis
  • Payment processing

In terms of freight auditing and payments, a multimodal TMS helps shippers eliminate payment errors, save time and money, and offload freight payment and contract management so they can focus on more strategic matters.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Last but not least, a multimodal TMS solution not only provides shippers with valuable data—it empowers teams to make smarter decisions using that data. Teams can visualize, synthesize, and analyze trends to improve their business strategy and increase savings in one central hub.

For example, excess freight costs are a common problem for many companies. A well-designed TMS provides insight into areas where expenses can be cut. It acts as a reliable home base, bringing all related costs, contracts, carrier options, and other shipping information into a single, central repository.

CTSI-Global’s suite of business intelligence solutions provides data across the entire shipment lifecycle, from execution and event management to financial reporting.

Find a knowledgeable partner in the process

A little support goes a long way. Maximize the benefits of a multimodal TMS solution by collaborating with an experienced partner. With a growing network of 14,000+ carriers and 60+ years in the industry, CTSI-Global offers unparalleled end-to-end support to small and large-scale shippers alike. Choose only the modules needed, and reap the rewards of a centralized system.

Transform how your shipping business does business. Contact us today to get started.

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