Escaping the Logistical Nightmare: Keeping Your Supply Chain in Check, Without It Running Your Life

You’re not a logistics company. So why does it feel that way sometimes? While the importance of managing your company’s logistical needs can’t be ignored, you didn’t get into business to source and vet carriers, process invoices, handle damage claims, and deal with all the other ins and outs of a complex and challenging supply chain. And as your company branches out into new markets, those challenges are only going to eat up more of your time, energy, and patience.

At best, managing your supply chain in-house is preventing you from investing more time in the parts of your business that you care about the most. At worst, it’s actively hampering your growth—draining valuable resources that you could use to scale.

So why are you still handling your logistics in-house—and what can you do about it?

It’s okay to say you’re struggling. Everyone is.

The truth is, logistics is tough for everyone, and it’s getting tougher every day.

Take carrier restraints. As of July, America’s trucker shortage stood at about 50,000 fewer truckers than are needed to meet current demand. That has a knock-on effect throughout both inbound and outbound supply chains, increasing shipping rates, delaying deliveries, and making it harder to find carriers you trust.

This is just one of the many logistical issues facing companies today. Those with seemingly endless resources can struggle in this area, too. As one international shipping company told CNBC last year, even giants like Amazon can underestimate the difficulty and complexity of handling their global logistics operations. You’re not alone.

Break the cycle. Re-invest your time in what you love.

These problems aren’t going to go away on their own. The more complex your operations get, the more time you have to spend dealing with them, the less time you have to focus on what matters to you.

It’s a vicious cycle, and eventually, one way or the other, you’ll be forced to break out of it. Doing it sooner rather than later just saves you the extra headache.

Asking for a little help in this area isn’t admitting defeat. It’s a way to harness the knowledge and resources needed for smooth sailing, so that you can get back to doing the things you love—not just the things that need to be done.

You’re not a logistics company. But we are.

It’s time to wake up from the logistical nightmare you’ve found yourself in. You may not love dealing with supply chains, but we do.

At CTSI-Global, we’ve been helping companies optimize their supply chains for more than 60 years. It’s not just an obligation for us—it’s the thing we do best. So why not get back to the things you do best, and leave the logistics up to us?

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