The Advantage of a Global Partner in End-to-End Logistics Solutions

Full capacity means access at any time to end-to-end solutions for managing your supply chain from procurement to payment. Think of capacity as best represented by an ecosystem of logistics functions. This is a case for CTSI-Global’s ecosystem, which we call Total Logistics Technology + Intelligence:

Why End-to-End Logistics Capacity Matters

Ultimate Flexibility

A logistics ecosystem allows you both a customized solution and to seamlessly add services to handle any logistics need as it arises, with a reduced implementation timeline.

Truly Global Capability

Because we’ve got people on the ground globally (offices, not just a phone number), you can scale across the entire supply chain.

The Bottom Line

An ecosystem of logistics services affords any shipper an ecosystem of benefits:

  • End-to-end solutions to manage your supply chain (from procurement to payment)
  • Carrier agnostic for full transparency & good faith
  • Best-In-Class TMS, FAP, BI, & staff augmentation
  • Seamlessly add services as you go
  • Significantly reduced implementation timeline
  • Ability to expand your operation globally
  • Scale and reduce headcount as needed
  • Customized solutions to meet specific needs
  • Add carrier capacity as needed (20k carriers)

Compare CTSI-Global to the Competition

Other logistics providers cluster around a single domain of operation and try to fit third party services under the banner of a seamless solution. With them, you’re buying a brand, not genuine end-to-end capability. That lengthens implementation and it risks aspects of the supply chain breaking down when issues arise and internal expertise wanes.

Compare TMS Freight Pay Companies

You’re Always Covered

CTSI-Global operates squarely in each of those domains without resorting to other firms white-labeling under our brand. You’re covered with CTSI-Global; with other well-known providers, you may not be.

The Value of Being Carrier Agnostic

Insist on Transparency

CTSI-Global is carrier agnostic, with 20,000 carriers in our network, so there’s complete transparency and no conflict of interests.

Demand Full Access

Some logistics firms are contractually bound to a limited set of carriers, due to financial investment in those companies. That means you aren’t getting full access to the power of the open market.

Relax: You’re never going to look up and wonder if CTSI-Global can handle what you throw at us. That’s peace of mind and a long-term partner relationship, ready to go.

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