Total Logistics Technology + Intelligence

In a world of complex supply chain data, go Global.

Total Logistics Technology + Intelligence

In a world of complex supply chain data, go Global.

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CTSI-Global and Honeybee TMS™ Solve Your Logistics Challenges

Global facilities and experience, local support in multiple languages, seamless regional integration.

Transparent business intelligence reporting, in-transit tracking, control and standardization.

Freight invoice audit, routing controls and optimization, carrier rate negotiation and management.

Total logistics and intelligence, reduced logistics workload, strong carrier network.


Accurate invoicing and on-time payments, supported by cutting-edge technology.

Seamless visibility and shipping execution from dock to delivery.

Efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions, customized to your exact needs.

Data Driven

Visualizing data has given us options we didn't have. We make better shipping decisions every day.

Why CTSI-Global?

Choose a logistics firm that prides itself on quality.

Transportation Management Firm


Our personal relationships with our customers are what truly set us apart. We're not a software company; we're a solutions provider.

Shipping Data and TMS


Our world-class team of Business Analysts and leading-edge Strategic Data applications provide detailed insights into your operations, so you can optimize your processes.

Top Global Logistics Companies


Our footprint is truly global—with locations around the world and deep experience in numerous markets, we can help you get where you need to go.

Transportation Management Firms


Your business is unique, and so is ours. We take a flexible approach to everything from pricing models to technical solutions, so we can build our service around you.



Our Network



Our Volume



Our Impact

Our Network

The CTSI-global logistics network consists of 20,000 carriers.



Our Volume

CTSI-global processes freight transaction volume of $15,000,000,000 annually.


Processed Annually

Our Impact

CTSI-global handles freight transaction volume of five million daily freight transactions.


Transactions Daily

Performance Tested

Costs at individual distribution centers were skyrocketing, until CTSI-Global set up enforceable controls.

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We're Not a Software Company; We're a Solutions Provider.

Customized solutions for every client's needs.

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