Parcel Management

From address validation to predictive analytics, keep your parcels on-par.

Keep Your Parcels On-Par

Parcel Management elevates your shipments by integrating with global supply chain technologies and expertise. With Honeybee TMS by CTSI-Global, your parcel process is streamlined for efficiency, ROI, and an intuitive user experience. 

  • Address Validation

    Meet your customers where they are. Validate addresses for local and global recipients.

  • Labeling

    Simplify your process by printing all labels from one integrated platform. 

  • Rating

    Honeybee TMS manages shipping rates for parcel, LTL, and truckload shipments.

  • Parcel Manifesting

    CTSI-Global consolidates and optimizes parcel, LTL, and truckload orders for US multimodal transportation.

  • Tracking

    Visibility throughout the supply chain. 

  • Predictive Analytics

    Actual and estimated dates for each delivery event for all modes of transportation.

The Big Picture for Small Packages

Simplify your shipping solutions to strategically support your parcel supply chain.

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Your team needs a solution that integrates your logistics processes to avoid hiccups for your many customers. We provide the parcel manifesting technologies to keep your products moving out the door. 

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CTSI-Global provides strategic parcel logistics solutions to keep your company competitive. Integrate with freight pay, Honeybee TMS, and custom consulting to enhance your entire supply chain.

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With a transparent and economical shipping experience, your customers can depend on your products to arrive when they expect and at the rates you manage with them in mind.