Service Desk & Knowledgebase

Access to Service Desk and Client Knowledgebase

The CTSI Service Desk provides the most direct way to submit a request for service.

You can access the CTSI Service Desk and Knowledgebase via TMS under the Documentation and Support section. When you click the TMS Service Desk link, you will see:

Click Sign up for an account.

Enter the requested information, and you are ready to go.

Once logged in, you will see:

You can either start typing in the search box to find solutions to common questions, or click a link for one of the issue types.

Enter the requested information and your issue will be addressed by CTSI-Global Client and Carrier Services.

Support Documentation

Click TMS Support Documentation to see the Client Knowledgebase.

From here, you can search for documentation using the search box or browse the contents using the navigation links under page tree on the left menu.