How to Check Invoice Statuses

Checking Invoice and Payment Statuses

Congratulations! After completing Carrier Registration, you now have a username and password.

  1. Click LOGIN at the top of this website.
  2. Enter your username and password into the Freight Bill and Audit side of the system. Passwords are case sensitive.
  3. Forgot your password? Click "Forgot Password?" on the form.

You now have access to:

  • Pro Research: Research invoice and payment status. This is where you will enter your invoice / PRO number. You can enter multiple invoice / PRO numbers.
  • Mailback: Review invoices that were mailed back / rejected.
  • Remittance: View invoices that have closed for the week.
  • Tutorial: You are invited to use the Tutorial to learn about details regarding other features of the website.
  • Switch to Check Research: Pull check remittance information.
  • Service Desk and Knowledgebase