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Our Core Values

The Mix of Ingredients in Our Secret Sauce


Everything we do at CTSI-Global comes down to relationships—and relationships are about people. It’s been the core of our approach for the last 60 years, and will continue to be so for as long as we’re a company. If you have a question, we want to be the ones to answer it. If you’re interested in a new tool, we want to help you understand and apply it. And if you’re in a jam, we want to be the ones to help you out of it. This industry is changing so fast, we don’t believe there’s any other way to do business.


Capturing, analyzing, and acting on data is the key to getting a leg up in today’s economy. We’re your partner in getting all three done to the highest possible level. We collect data from across 20,000 carriers, and process over 5 million transactions per day. All of that intelligence gets filtered into our platform, where it’s processed in real-time, and organized to produce meaningful insights. But we don’t just leave you to fend for yourself. Our seasoned Business Analysts use their expertise to help you make sense of the data, and apply it to save money and time across your entire logistics operation.


We know how truly complex global shipping can be. Each location and facility brings its own set of challenges, standards, and protocols. Only by navigating them successfully can you turn the highest profit possible. That’s why we’ve designed our processes to work on two levels—the global level, and the local level.

We’ve got boots on the ground at regions and facilities throughout the world who speak the local language, understand the nuances of the culture, and are empowered with the information and experience to keep things running smoothly—and to quickly address any issues on the horizon.


We take a client-first approach in all we do. That means starting with what you need, and building solutions from there. That may show up in the form of pricing—while other providers get their revenue nickel and diming extra fees for support, service, and consulting, we give you options that you actually want.

Or, perhaps it comes down to technology. We’ll work with you to build the custom dashboards and tools that align most perfectly with your unique needs. When you work with us, you can be assured that we’ll treat your business as one of a kind.


CTSI-Global Prioritizes Your Company's Supply Chain

Global Visibility

You need to standardize operations at a high level, while optimizing at a local level. CTSI-Global can help. Our processes are designed to be implemented globally, yet flexible enough to account for individual facility needs. In our regional facilities all over the world, we’ve got boots on the ground who speak the local language and understand what it means to be country compliant.

At the same time, our total logistics technology gives you a centralized hub to view your operations enterprise-wide, identify opportunities to save on freight or route more efficiently, account for fluctuations in regional overhead, and more. Global logistics can be complex—but with CTSI-Global, it doesn’t have to be.

Supply Chain Visibility

The more decentralized your operation, the greater the threat of costly supply chain inefficiencies. That’s because siloes cut off visibility and collaboration, and each regional location executes on its own protocols and standards. Let’s break those barriers down.

With CTSI-Global’s suite of logistics services and tools, you can iron out those inefficiencies with a single web-based portal that illuminates your entire supply chain—every load, truck, route, and more. View shipment-level detail throughout your organization, and eliminate manual processes along the way. With CTSI-Global’s total logistics intelligence, you get total visibility—and maximum supply chain efficiency.

Transportation Spend

You’re spending too much on freight. Unnecessary premium freight costs and other avoidable expenses add up, inefficient routing erodes your profits, and without visibility into market spend, you’re powerless to negotiate better carrier rates. We can change all of that.

Partner with us and get the support and tools you need to leverage best-in-class freight auditing processes across your organization, automate processes (like freight claims management to recoup lost funds), get insight into smarter routing, and leverage data from our extensive network of 20,000 carriers to negotiate better carrier rates. All in all, it adds up to you getting your shipments where they need to go on time, as quickly as possible, and for the least possible cost.

Strategic Partnerships

Just because you’re a global enterprise doesn’t mean your local operations should be saddled with high costs, lack of control, and insufficient business intelligence. With CTSI-Global, each of your facilities is empowered with the tools and support necessary to reduce workload, and eliminate waste—either via automation technology or by leveraging our expert team.

Our platform gives you the real-time intelligence you need to make smarter decisions about carrier selection, routes, freight spend, and more. And our 60-year history as a logistics leader affords you global reach, influence, and negotiating power unavailable to you anywhere else. Save money, work smarter, and control your destiny with by working with CTSI-Global.

Vital, on-the-spot intelligence–one proud client at a time.

Deep automation—fueled by robust data and clever analytics—will power the supply chain and freight industries of the 21st century.