Ubiquitous EDI Made Simple—CTSI-Global Welcomes Clients to the Seamless Integration Cloud

CTSI-Global is committed to continual modernization of its entire network stack, with an emphasis on scalability and security. This includes support for the widest range of secure data transmission protocols rooted in the B2B integration cloud.

B2B Integration Cloud Deployment

Central to deployment of the B2B integration cloud ecosystem is our partnership with Cleo, the global leader in business to business (B2B) integration platforms.

For those unfamiliar with Cleo, it’s an end-to-end ecosystem integration platform for EDI, file, and API-based integrations designed to optimize business transactions. Adding Cleo to our partner ecosystem means CTSI-Global’s support of EDI, data, and application integration‎s is second to none.

One Version of the Truth

The B2B integration cloud integrates content from multiple parties to arrive at  “one version of the truth” regardless of what the application or end-user platform may be. That’s a key best practice that CTSI-Global champions in all implementations.

The full extensibility afforded by developing our partnership with Cleo and deployment of a B2B integration cloud is: 

  • MORE CONNECTION TYPES: Support for a continually expanding array of trading partner network solutions and additional protocols.
  • OPTIMIZED SERVICE: Higher levels of guaranteed uptime and availability on data translation and data transmission platforms.
  • FASTER DEPLOYMENT: Faster, more efficient implementation times and client or carrier onboarding. We can integrate faster, connect more easily to trading partners, with faster intervals of ongoing integration as needed.
  • LESS INTERNAL OVERHEAD: Reduced requirements for client’s IT resources. Reduced effort required to support integration.

This reflects our continuous focus on enhancement and maturation and making support of file transfer and electronic data interchange processes easier to support seamlessly throughout our organization.

Roadmap to Support for ANY Integration

CONNECT TO ANYTHING: CTSI-Global’s long-term commitment, and something that drives our development roadmap, is support for any integration use case between shipper, carrier, suppliers, and trading partners—via ERP/CRM connectors, web services, and development of APIs. You’re seeing that commitment in action.

REDUCED OPERATIONAL BURDEN: Maintaining the trajectory of reducing operational burden for CTSI-Global clients means we’re also building deeper integrations in the form of certified application-to-application (A2A) connectors to more ERP systems, which entirely remove the need for an export/import process. That cuts out extra steps in accessing current data, reduces opportunities for error, and lessons the need to monitor a process.

DO ANYTHING WITH THE DATA: Those opportunities to create more robust, seamless integrations means more variability in what clients can do with the content in their apps. Where translations may have necessarily been basic, certified connectors offer an incredible flexibility in translating any available data into useful channels.

The B2B integration cloud makes EDI seamless.

The Exact Word on Why This Matters to Clients

To quote Trey Willis, Chief Technology Officer at CTSI-Global, “This cloud deployment enables us to step faster and farther into the future with the technology we provide our clients. We can do more with our customer base and enhance the value of outsourcing logistics to a logistics management services team with extensive integrations. This is a robust rollout that allows clients deeper and greater levels of visibility about their operational efficiencies.” 

Trey points out that personalized dashboards will keep CTSI-Global clients informed about transactions specific to their business. 

Josh Miller, VP of Sales at CTSI-Global, says “CTSI-Global is an integration platform— connecting shippers, suppliers, carriers, and third parties into one shared version of the truth— and a single, seamless version of the data. The B2B integration cloud enhances our capability to integrate nearly any content provider into our ecosystem. It reduces the level of effort by client IT staff required to support integrations. And it improves reliability and visibility with any type of integrations within our systems, from EDI for sales orders, POs, and deliveries, to carrier feeds for invoices, tracking feeds, and pickup notifications, and integration with suppliers for POs and advanced shipment notifications (ASNs).”

Further Notes on Cleo as a CTSI-Global Partner

Cleo is already connected with the world’s largest trading partners – UPS, XPO, FedEx, Coyote, DHL, CH Robinson, etc. It has built a highly secure, distributed and resilient architecture exceeding SLA requirements. At the level of daily shipper operations, the Cleo partnership enables CTSI-Global to introduce additional real-time operational dashboards, analytics, and configurable reporting with controls for business, operational, and technical users.

This has been an update from CTSI-Global technology and product development. Technology at CTSI-Global means our energy is focused on making CTSI-Global better every day.

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