LTL Negotiations

Leverage Experience and Information

Use our experience, relationships, business intelligence and benchmarks.

The keys to better market pricing are our experience with historical patterns, LTL contracts, and carrier capabilities; our rating and modeling app for scenario analysis; and benchmarks across our diverse customer base.

Contract experience is required to negotiate better LTL rate contracts.

Reason 1: Our Contract Experience

LTL contracts are complex. Each carrier tariff is built to favor their network. And when you choose a tariff year on which to negotiate, they adjust their discount to compensate. This is where our experience shines.

Modeling capacity lets you choose a better tariff year and negotiate an optimal FAK rate structure.

Reason 2: Our Modeling Capacity

We run real world scenarios on your most common hauls and apply those to a pricing matrix to understand your optimal tariff year, discount level, and FAK structure.

Benchmarking industry, shipment type, and customer volume allows more effective LTL rate negotiation.

Reason 3: Benchmarked Negotiation

Sophisticated industry benchmarking lets us commonly negotiate lower classes of pricing based on the FAK structure. Hauls then rate at a less expensive class.

Do the math on LTL rate negotations.

Intimate Knowledge of LTL Contracts

  • Computer Modeling

  • Industry Benchmarking

  • Better Rate Structure

A Firm Built on Relationships

CTSI-Global's longevity, consultative approach, and ability to leverage a global supply chain ecosystem with immense partner data allows us to not only negotiate effectively on clients' behalf but utilize that data to identify areas of potential improvement and provide feedback that increases value.