Freight Pay + TMS

The Value of Combining Them on One Platform

Increase the value of the Freight Audit process.

Leveraging a single firm for both Freight Pay and Transportation Management System means a tool customized to your needs, a more integral process for validating and enriching data, and smooth implementation.

Contract experience is required to negotiate better LTL rate contracts.

This TMS is Native

Because our world-class TMS was developed entirely in-house, we can create any customizations a customer needs without consulting a 3rd party for approval.

Modeling capacity lets you choose a better tariff year and negotiate an optimal FAK rate structure.

Bundle Adds Value

Putting freight pay and TMS on a single platform enables real-time integration of data and visibility across the entire shipment life cycle from order entry to carrier payment..

Benchmarking industry, shipment type, and customer volume allows more effective LTL rate negotiation.

Deploy Easily

Most of the data needed to implement TMS is identical to that for Freight Pay. If you're an existing Freight Pay customer, we already have 85% of what we need.

It's an Ecosystem

Our end-to-end capability means your data lives in one system, talks easily with other integrations, & provides total visibility for a seamless supply chain toolset.

“Combining TMS with freight audit consistently saves shippers an average of 8-12% over freight audit savings alone. Freight audit tells you what happened; adding TMS gives you control of your supply chain.”

Josh Miller, VP of Sales

The Logistics Ecosystem of CTSI-Global means greater capacity for your firm.

Without a Fully-Integrated TMS

You realize only a portion of the value of freight audit.

Your Data Has a Home. Your Firm Has One Version of the Truth.

COMPARE US: to providers who cluster around a single domain of operation and repackage third-party services under the banner of a seamless solution. CTSI-Global developed its TMS capability in-house in 2006 with Freight Pay customers in mind. Since then, we've continually enhanced the product specifically through collecting customer feedback. We don't resell or white-label the tool, and that lets us adapt it exactly as you need.