Why Supply Chain Management Is Easier in the Cloud

The advent of cloud computing disrupted almost every industry—and the supply chain and logistics space was no exception. Cloud-based supply chain management software has already transformed processes at countless companies, providing a level of flexibility and visibility that on-premise systems simply cannot match.

With these tools becoming more powerful and accessible than ever before, companies that stick with legacy systems or manual processes will struggle to remain competitive. Here are just a few reasons why every company should consider adopting a cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) if they haven’t already.

Lower overhead costs

A large part of the appeal of cloud-based solutions is their low overhead costs. An on-premise solution requires the upfront cost of the physical IT hardware, along with the cost of regular maintenance and upgrades to localized software. But when the software is cloud-based, the hardware that runs the back end of the program is stored somewhere far offsite. The servers are operated and maintained by the provider, meaning the user is only responsible for the subscription price.

This drastically reduces financial barriers to investing in supply chain management software—meaning companies previously relying on time-consuming and error-prone manual processes can gain access to tools that can revolutionize their business.

Increased flexibility

Surges in demand can come and go like the tides, making agility a crucial component of successful supply chain management. Cloud-based TMS solutions afford shippers the flexibility to launch new services and capabilities and scale to meet increased demand at short notice.

This flexibility gives any company a leg up on the competition. A high level of responsiveness creates value for every participant up and down the supply chain—ultimately building trust and loyalty with the end customer.

Unparalleled visibility

The right data can transform a supply chain. Cloud-based supply chain management systems not only deliver up-to-date and accurate supply chain data—they deliver it in the form of easily digestible reports and dashboards. The best TMS solutions place a countless number of trackable metrics at the user’s fingertips, while customizable interfaces ensure that only the most relevant data is on display.

Since this information is stored in the cloud, it’s instantly accessible from any approved device, anywhere in the world. This provides supply chain managers a level of visibility and efficiency that manual paper processes and clunky on-site hardware simply cannot hope to match. Company-wide metrics can be accessed and analyzed without requiring a single back-and-forth email exchange. And when business intelligence is baked in, forecasting and analytics can offer even deeper insights into company data in a matter of minutes.

Partner with the right provider

For some companies, fears about data security or slow adoption have left them hesitating to pull the trigger on a cloud-based solution. But with the right provider, those fears are unjustified—and the benefits of adoption far outweigh any potential pitfalls.

At CTSI-Global, we specialize in secure, intuitive, and high-ROI solutions. Our industry-leading, cloud-based TMS makes it easy for companies to make the switch to the cloud. We enable a seamless adoption, so shippers can start enjoying the benefits right away.

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