Have you outgrown your freight audit and pay provider?

There are thousands of freight pay providers. Some are as small as two people working ‘from a garage’. Others have lots of footprint, but it’s not just the size of the company that matters. Your supply chain operations need scalability and flexibility. The question is, do you have what you need? This is a case for CTSI-Global as a solution to and partner in company growth:

When A Freight Pay Provider Does More Than Freight Pay

Global Footprint

Even when you have visibility on your data, standardization of processes, and the savings from audit—the freight pay basis, it can be a black hole outside the US. CTSI-Global has a detailed understanding of the tax and regulatory requirements of each country, support in the local timezone, and language (which is difficult to do and requires a massive investment on the part of a freight audit firm). In other words, you’re not having to go outside your existing provider to support international growth.

Technological Capabilities

Antiquated technology can’t keep up with a growing supply chain. CTSI-Global stays two steps ahead of client needs with a menu of carrier invoicing options (EDI, spreadsheet billing, image uploads) and an intuitive web portal that’s easier to navigate and provides access to more data, as well as more invoicing options for carriers—giving you more flexibility and efficiency.

Supporting All Modes of Transport

A lot of freight audit firms have a niche. They can’t process everything, so you end up using multiple providers or else use the Freight Audit firm for some modes and do the rest in-house. CTSI-Global gives you end-to-end capability, because we support all modes of transportation—a relative rarity in the industry.

Business Intelligence

Often, business intelligence is an afterthought. With CTSI-Global, robust analytics are built-in, so your key performance metrics are actionable, allowing for continuous improvement.

A Freight Pay Provider Should Fully Support Your Firm’s Growth

  • 2,020 Carriers In-Network
  • $15,149,265,359 Processed Annually
  • 5,000,000 Transactions Daily

The Advantage of Extra Capability is Direct Bottom Line Impact

Identify More Audit Errors

Are ALL your carrier invoices being audited, or just the ones that are compatible with your current provider’s technology? With more invoicing options, CTSI-Global can process a wider range of carrier invoices.

While Lowering Your Costs

The pricing you have with your current provider is only part of the story. CTSI-Global audits more, so we catch more, resulting in a lower total cost footprint. Additionally, you lower costs by leveraging our ecosystem to parse expanded invoice data and make more strategic decisions.

Why End-to-End Logistics Capacity Matters

Global Freight Audit

Ultimate Flexibility

CTSI-Global provides both a customized solution and the ability to seamlessly add services to handle any logistics need as it arises, from TMS to fully managed logistics, with a reduced implementation timeline.

Truly Global Capability

Because we’ve got people on the ground globally (offices, not just a phone number), you can scale across your entire supply chain.

Why It Works Better

DATA: The ROI is in the audits, but also in the data you command as part of the process.

INTEGRATION: Our capacity for integration with third-party systems (like your ERP and Accounts Payable systems) means fewer manual processes and greater overall efficiency.

WORKLOAD: CTSI-Global lessens the workload on your internal A/P Department through greater flexibility of business rule validation and GL coding logic, meaning we can code invoices at a more granular level.

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