MBJ: Why One Logistics Firm is Prospering Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic

Reprinted with permission. This article originally appeared in Memphis Business Journal as “Why a Memphis logistics firm’s sales spiked during the pandemic” by Corey Davis – Reporter May 12, 2020

CTSI-Global has experienced a 60% increase in sales compared to 2019, and the number of business leads has also grown, according to Ivonne Amill, EVP of client services for CTSI-Global.

The company’s clientele includes 24 Fortune 500 companies, and that number will soon increase to 26. Amill said CTSI-Global has seen an increase in clients across Asia, the Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Customers continue to transition areas of their operations to CTSI-Global, including invoice processing, audit intelligence, transportation management systems, and logistics management.

Logistics Firm Prospers During COVID-19
CTSI-Global client services employees, at the ribbon cutting of the new Global headquarters in Memphis on Oct. 4, 2019. CTSI’s CEO Ken Hazen is pictured in a suit and tie.

“Clients are also requesting services such as dedicated account managers and business analysts who can work as an extension of their operations within our business,” Amill said.

CTSI-Global expects the increased demand for its transportation management system (TMS) and logistics management to continue through the rest of 2020. The TMS allows shippers to consolidate multiple orders into a single shipment and quickly assign the least-cost carrier within their network.

“These are the types of solutions, along with a robust suite of business intelligence, that clients are looking for,” Amill said. “Our projections for the rest of the year rely heavily on the expansion of these areas of business, especially with the challenges that the pandemic has presented for many of the businesses that CTSI-Global supports.”

As a result of the pandemic, CTSI-Global has adjusted to many of its clients’ immediate business needs, including processing invoices for special shipments, auditing new rate charges, reporting specific data, and working on special projects.

CTSI-Global has adjusted its own operations because of the virus. Employees are working remotely, and all meetings — including with clients — are conducted virtually. No employees have been laid off or furloughed.

coronavirus impact on logistics
MBJ’s Meagan Nichols discusses coronavirus impact on Mid-South businesses – May 13, 2020

CTSI-Global has 334 employees, 86 of them in Memphis. The company also has locations in Atlanta, Austin, Singapore, India, and Ireland. Last year, CTSI collected $25 million in revenue but is projected to hit $30 million in 2020, Amill said.

“Supply chain and logistics is essential to all industries and companies across the world,” Amill said. “COVID-19 has brought to light some of the operational vulnerabilities that a global pandemic causes. … Now, more than ever, is when companies are looking for partners … to help reduce their risk and provide them with the information they need to benefit in the future.”

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