Inside a TMS Dashboard: Achieving Unparalleled Visibility with Supply Chain Technology

One of the core benefits of adopting a transportation management system (TMS) is the efficiency it creates, allowing teams to plan, execute, and track shipments all on one convenient platform. But streamlining operations isn’t the only benefit that supply chain technology offers. By creating a central hub through which all supply chain data flows, a TMS provides unparalleled visibility—empowering supply chain managers to make smarter, data-driven decisions and identify cost-saving opportunities.

To demonstrate the level of visibility that a TMS provides, we’ve pulled together some of the dashboards from CTSI-Global’s own proprietary TMS. Since we developed this logistics software ourselves, we’re able to customize it to suit our client’s exacting needs and help them track their most important key performance indicators (KPIs), so each shipper’s dashboards will look a little different. But one thing is consistent: the value this visibility brings.

Here are some of the most significant areas in which a TMS can eliminate blind spots—and give companies a competitive edge.

Unlock insights into actual freight spend and overcharges

While most companies have a firm grasp of their contracted rates, they can’t always tell you what their actual freight spend looks like. With thousands of shipments going out every month, keeping track of every erroneous accessorial charge and duplicate invoice can seem like an impossible task.

With a TMS, all the information a supply chain manager needs to stay on top of their freight spend is available at a glance. When combined with freight audit and payment services, shippers can also see how much they’ve been overcharged by their carriers—and how many dollars the audit has put back in their bottom line.

Gain visibility into true freight spend with supply chain technology

The carrier report card dashboard in CTSI-Global’s TMS shines a light on which carriers are guilty of serial overcharging, and which charge the highest accessorial fees. This may make supply chain managers think twice before renewing a contract.

See how your carriers are performing with TMS dashboards


Track inbound shipping costs and vendor compliance

Inbound freight can account for a significant chunk of a company’s overall freight spend, especially if vendors fail to comply with routing guidelines or over-rely on premium options. And when pickups and deliveries are frequently late, the knock-on effect throughout the supply chain can result in delayed shipments to clients—and lost business.

CTSI-Global’s TMS includes a vendor report card dashboard that allows supply chain managers to consistently track vendor compliance—and grasp the true cost of non-compliance. The report card also includes metrics around late pickups and on-time deliveries, both overall and broken down by vendor.

Keep track of your vendors with supply chain technology

Ongoing issues on the vendor report card may reveal a need for a more detailed routing guide and stricter chargeback fees. Or, if one vendor, in particular, is consistently dropping the ball, a shipper may consider severing ties.


Track vendor compliance on your supply chain dashboard

Discover the true value and cost of each customer

One of the biggest misconceptions some shippers possess is that more customers always equate to higher profits. This isn’t always the case. The truth is, it only takes one or two customers to eat into your bottom line and hold your business back if the cost of serving them is disproportionately high.

Logistics technology can provide insights into the true cost of serving specific customers, allowing supply chain managers to weigh up whether retaining an account is worthwhile. For example, if a customer places a low number of orders that come with a high price tag to ship, fulfilling them may leave your margins razor-thin.


Customer Shipment Cost to Serve

Our supply chain dashboards make it easy to track metrics like cost per order, cost per shipment, and cost per pound. This means that if serving a customer is draining your business dry, you can end the relationship and focus on your more lucrative accounts.

Gain visibility with leading-edge supply chain technology

In the modern age, operating without adequate freight software is like shooting arrows in the dark. Sure, you might hit the target a few times—but even if you do, you’ll have no way of knowing it.

CTSI-Global’s industry-leading TMS software allows you to steer your business in the right direction. Maintain a birds-eye view of your logistics operations with personalized supply chain dashboards that allow you to drill down into your KPIs for more detail, and generate custom reports that drive better decision-making at all levels.

Don’t shoot in the dark. Contact us today.

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