The Data Difference: How Outsourced Logistics Management Can Help Companies Unlock Vital Insights

Every day, shippers generate vast amounts of data. Tracking and storing that data is challenging enough, let alone mining it for insights in a timely fashion—especially when you’ve got a global supply chain to manage.

The truth is, few businesses have the time, resources, or know-how to make the most of their data. That’s unfortunate, because by regularly analyzing and acting on their data, shippers can gain a real strategic advantage—empowering them to predict trends, spot business opportunities, tighten efficiency, and more.

This is one area where working with an outsourced logistics provider can pay off in unexpected ways. At its best, outsourced logistics management not only saves shippers time and money, but also helps them unlock strategic insights that might otherwise have fallen under their radar. Here’s why.

Built-in business intelligence—backed by powerful tools and expertise

Unless shippers are equipped with business intelligence (BI) tools—and have the skilled manpower to leverage them on an ongoing basis—managing data and generating actional insights is always going to be a struggle. Some are left fighting a losing battle trying to manually update Excel spreadsheets. Others simply don’t bother.

Many top logistics providers solve this problem by tracking a shipper’s data as a matter of course and applying their own BI tools. At CTSI-Global, for example, we collect and synthesize data from all of a shipper’s disparate systems, then use our cutting-edge Strategic Data application to turn that data into meaningful insights.

This allows shippers to benefit from both the expertise of a provider that deals with data on a daily basis and more powerful tools than they may have in-house. The result? Greater visibility and better, more accurate insights that fuel stronger day-to-day decision making.

Personalized dashboards and reporting—creating clarity and understanding

Every person has a different level of data literacy, so converting unwieldy data sets into clean, easy-to-understand metrics is critical if you want to quickly convey meaning and strategy to business leaders. But that’s often easier said than done when you have vast amounts of data coming in hour after hour, especially if you’re tracking and storing it manually.

Outsourced logistics providers can solve this problem by providing customized dashboards, allowing you to see all your key performance indicators (KPIs) at a glance. These dashboards will update regularly throughout the day, ensuring you’re always seeing the most up-to-date information available.

At CTSI-Global, we also make it easy for shippers to generate custom reports if they chose to—or they can leave it all to us. These reports can then be downloaded as PDF or Excel files, making it easy for supply chain professionals to keep their leaders informed—and impressed.

The difference data analysis can make

For shippers that have never tracked and analyzed their data before, working with an experienced outsourced provider can be a game changer. But not every provider brings the same level of expertise—or the same caliber of BI tools—so carefully vetting your options is critical.

As a global leader in logistics solutions, CTSI-Global can fill gaps in your freight operations or handle every aspect for you—all while providing unparalleled insights and visibility. Our clients benefit from our leading-edge Strategic Data application and our world-class team of Business Analysts, making it easy for them to unlock the insights that fuel a winning strategy.

Make the most of your data. Contact us today.

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