How Logistics Management Can Be the Key to Optimizing Your Inbound and Outbound Shipping Strategy

In today’s global marketplace, the supply chain is the engine that keeps organizations moving forward. That means your company’s success hinges on your ability to efficiently direct inbound and outbound freight while keeping costs to a minimum. With so much on the line, supply chain managers are left wondering what they can do to optimize their approach—leading many to turn to logistics management services to handle some or all aspects of their end-to-end shipping operation.

What are the benefits of outsourced logistics management?

Managing both an inbound and outbound transportation strategy effectively involves keeping a lot of plates in the air—and if one drops, all can come crashing down. Short on time and resources, many organizations leave some of those plates in precarious positions. But without hiring more staff or finding more hours in the day, it can feel like there’s no other option.

Outsourced logistics management services can be the answer, augmenting a company’s existing team and taking over the responsibility of keeping a few (or all) of those plates spinning smoothly. Here are a few ways logistics management can help you optimize both your inbound and outbound transportation strategy—without breaking a sweat.

  • Increase visibility. Transparency is a critical component of any successful logistics operation. But effectively monitoring inbound and outbound shipping processes, especially at a global scale, can require a vast amount of resources and expertise. Outsourced logistics management solutions provide shippers with the extra manpower, cutting-edge technology, and business intelligence needed to create a 365-degree view of the supply chain. From real-time shipment tracking to on-the-ground data, shippers can gain complete visibility into their operations, helping them identify further opportunities for improvement and savings.
  • Improve capacity and efficiency. Finding reliable, affordable carriers in a pinch can be a challenge, often leaving staff picking up the phone and engaging in lengthy email chains to find the right quote—or sacrificing quality to save money, leaving customer satisfaction on the line. By outsourcing carrier management, with the provider taking on the responsibility of vetting and coordinating carriers, shippers can feel confident that shipments are being sent with the best carriers for the best price, every time. And by engaging them to manage your transportation management system (TMS) as well, you can hand over all the time-consuming tasks involved in shipment planning and execution—putting hours back in your team’s day.
  • Prepare for scalable growth. Human capital is every business’s most valuable investment. It’s also one of the most expensive. Expanding your operational capacity can seem impossible without hiring a few new faces, but bringing new members on board can quickly start to add up—even before you consider costs like onboarding or employee training. Rather than hire and train new team members or waste precious time on repetitive tasks, shippers can make better use of their internal resources by outsourcing the most complex or time-intensive components of supply chain management. Outsourced transportation management offers a simple, cost-effective way to augment your staff and take the day-to-day of logistics management off your plate—so you can focus on making sure your organization is ready to compete on a global stage.

Ultimately, outsourced logistics management services help shippers optimize their transportation strategy and bring costs down. With a leaner staff, optimal carrier selection process, and more insight into your data, you can run a tighter ship—and protect your bottom line.

Is it time to tap logistics management services?

In 2020, shipping costs climbed significantly—a trend that likely won’t slow down any time soon. Businesses that wish to remain competitive on both the regional and global scale must seek new ways to boost productivity and cut costs at every step in the supply chain, making now the perfect moment to explore outsourced solutions.

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