How Logistics Management Services Help Shippers Stay Competitive in a Fickle Global Marketplace

The global marketplace is unpredictable—and the pace of change only seems to be accelerating. That market turbulence puts extra pressure on shippers, forcing them to do more with less if they hope to remain competitive. In a landscape that is constantly in flux, outsourced logistics management services can provide a sense of stability—giving shippers a strong foundation that allows them to tackle every challenge the market throws at them.

Although outsourcing some or all of the critical functions that make up your supply chain may sound daunting, the benefits far outweigh any initial anxieties about giving up control. Here are a few reasons to consider embracing logistics management services to help you compete on the global stage.

Outsourced logistics management services help shippers cut costs

Rising transportation costs are a constant concern for shippers everywhere, leaving supply chain managers struggling to avoid passing on costs to customers—potentially losing their business in the process. If you’ve ever wondered how a competitor can afford to charge less than you when your margins are already razor-thin, the answer might be that they strategically outsource.

Outsourced logistics management services can deliver cost savings on multiple fronts. First and perhaps most significantly, providers can optimize the carrier selection process, ensuring shippers get the best deal every time. At CTSI-Global, for example, we can not only leverage our proprietary, cutting-edge transportation management system (TMS) to find the best option available for every shipment—taking both cost and quality into account—but also our deep relationships with our 20,020-strong carrier network, helping shippers access rates that they couldn’t on their own.

Additionally, working with an outsourced provider may allow shippers to reap the benefits of technology and expertise that they lack in-house. This can open up opportunities for improvement that drive real savings. For example, our logistics management services come with baked-in business intelligence, making it easy for shippers to pinpoint where they’re leaving money on the table—and what they can do to put it back in the bottom line.

Handing tasks over to an expert provider increases supply chain efficiency

In addition to bringing costs down, outsourcing some or all logistics functions can save shippers something just as valuable: time. The hours spent managing the day-to-day running of the supply chain is time staff could be dedicating to big-picture strategy or customer relationship building—paving the way for future growth and success.

In addition to taking time-consuming tasks like scheduling and routing off your team’s plate, logistics management services allow you to hand those tasks over to a firm that specializes in executing them as efficiently and effectively as possible. This reduces your chances of being edged out by a competitor who is better or faster than you—without requiring long-term investments like hiring more full-time employees.

A provider with global expertise can help expand a business’s reach

Navigating a global marketplace is tricky at the best of times—but when a shipper lacks experience in a particular region, gaining a competitive edge is extremely difficult. Without a deep understanding of ever-changing regulations, local business customs, and potential pitfalls, companies can struggle to find their footing, let alone win the race.

Working with a managed logistics provider that has global reach and expertise can help shippers both break into new markets successfully and gain a stronger foothold in regions they’re already in. Whether it’s navigating international regulatory concerns or identifying the most reliable local carriers, tapping an expert to support global operations allows your company to get a headstart in any given region—so you can quickly pull ahead of the competition.

Leave the competition in the dust

To stay competitive in a rapidly evolving global marketplace, shippers are under increasing pressure to be faster, leaner, better. Utilizing trusted logistics management services is a cost-effective way to boost efficiency, reduce transportation spend, and achieve sustainable growth—so you can conquer the world.

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