How TMS Automation Can Transform Supply Chain Operations

When employees hear the word “automation,” they may picture mindless robots taking their jobs. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Adopting a transportation management system (TMS) that has intelligent automation built-in can revolutionize the supply chain, elevating visibility and precision and transforming the way teams work for the better.

An automated and fully integrated system like Honeybee TMS™ from CTSI-Global can help to scale down repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, enabling supply chain managers and their teams to focus on value-added assignments like strategic decision making, forecasting, and negotiation. Here’s how TMS automation can enhance supply chain processes—and boost the bottom line.

Optimize routes, carriers, and loads

Manually planning each and every load is not a good use of employees’ time. Using a TMS with automation baked in, shippers can rapidly confirm and schedule orders, select the right carrier and route, and optimize the load, taking advantage of every opportunity to consolidate shipments and embrace less-than-truckload pricing options.

The intelligent automation built into the system means that the information employees need to make great transportation decisions is right at their fingertips—no phone calls or searching required. Since the system will automatically pull in up-to-date carrier pricing and information like carrier performance, tasks that once took hours can now be completed in minutes.

Decrease costly mistakes

Another major benefit of automation is that it reduces the potential for human error in the supply chain. Small mistakes can have serious implications: something as simple as keying in the wrong code and improperly classifying freight, for instance, can lead to increased rates and unhappy carriers.

An automated system can eliminate costly errors like this, protecting relationships and the bottom line. And since staff will have fewer tedious manual tasks on their plate, they’ll also be able to dedicate more brainpower to the tasks that truly deserve their attention.

Gain total visibility

With multiple shipments in transit with different carriers across the globe, keeping track of freight can be an enormous challenge. With automated load tendering, confirmation, and exception alerts, a TMS allows supply chain managers to easily keep one eye on their operations to ensure things are flowing smoothly, without letting routine tasks swallow up all their time.

The system will also automatically collate, normalize, and synthesize data from across the supply chain, ensuring staff doesn’t waste time manually digging through spreadsheets and cleaning data to tap into the insights it contains. Supply chain managers and employees can then make use of the dashboards on their TMS to quickly evaluate their function’s performance and identify opportunities for improvement. Since their automated tools will have made them more efficient and taken time-consuming tasks off their hands, they’ll have more time to apply these insights to make meaningful changes. Automation and data go hand in hand: they’re both hallmarks of a supply chain that’s operating at its peak.

Harness the power of automation in your supply chain

To build a streamlined, high-performing supply chain, shippers need the right tools. CTSI-Global’s industry-leading TMS allows logistics teams to harness the mighty power of automation—so they can work smarter, faster, and leaner.

Give your supply chain a boost with intelligent automation. Contact us today.

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