The Value of Real-Time Visibility in the Supply Chain—and How to Achieve It

Real-time visibility. In the world of supply chain management, it’s the holy grail—and for a good reason. Many shippers have spent years chasing after it, with varying degrees of success. But until recently, much of the technology required had yet to reach the right level of maturity and seemed unattainable to most.

That’s all changing. With advanced supply chain technology becoming more accessible by the day, here’s why achieving real-time visibility should be at the top of every supply chain manager’s to-do list—and what CTSI-Global is doing to make this goal attainable.

Why real-time visibility matters

Using legacy event management tools and techniques, many supply chain managers have access to just a few status updates about their shipments every hour—if that. Some only receive a handful of updates each day. If something goes wrong, they may not find out about it until hours after the fact, hindering their ability to make quick pivots and keep their operations running smoothly.

Real-time visibility is all about providing shippers with more data points, allowing them to make better, faster decisions that impact their entire operations—from people to inventory and everything in between. Armed with up-to-date information about the status of their shipments, supply chain managers can do things like optimizing dock scheduling to boost the efficiency of pick-ups and drop-offs and reduce costly wait time. And if any delays or disruptions do occur in the delivery cycle, they’ll know about them much sooner, allowing their team to rapidly strategize and deploy a Plan B.

How CTSI-Global helps shippers gain real-time visibility

At CTSI-Global, we believe all shippers deserve access to cutting-edge technology that can help them optimize their operations. That’s why we work with project44, a world leader in supply chain visibility, to bring the dream of real-time visibility within reach for the companies that partner with us.

With project44’s advanced, API-driven approach, shippers can gain access to all the information they need to achieve real-time visibility in no time. Where legacy EDI-based carrier integration takes around an hour per carrier to complete, project44 has already put in the work to integrate with thousands of carriers around the world—reducing onboarding time from multiple hours to mere minutes.

Shippers will feel the difference immediately. Rather than waiting for updates that never seem to come, supply chain teams will be blown away by the sheer pace of updates available when they switch from an EDI-based to an API-driven process. There’s no delay between a carrier sending an update and the shipper receiving it. As soon as the update is available, that information will be available to the shipper in Honeybee TMS™, empowering them to make decisions accordingly.

Don’t be left in the dark

Making decisions based on incomplete and outdated information is like throwing darts in the dark. With supply chain technology rapidly advancing, it’s time to step into the light and discover the difference that real-time visibility can make.

Unlock the power of real-time visibility with CTSI-Global and project44. Contact us today to get started.