Why a Transportation Management System (TMS) Is Essential Come Rain or Shine

As the saying goes, when it rains, it pours. When harsh weather conditions disrupt supply chains, it’s not just the shippers that suffer: stores that depend on them for critical supplies can run low, causing a ripple effect throughout impacted communities. Strategic planning and monitoring are essential, and adopting a robust transportation management system (TMS) is one of the best ways that shippers can achieve that.

Here are a few ways the right TMS can keep your supply chain moving—whatever the weather.

Smarter route planning

When bad weather causes road closures, gridlocked traffic, and hazardous driving conditions, the same old routes that shippers typically rely on may become inadvisable—or completely impassable.

With a leading-edge TMS, shippers can engage in smarter route planning to bypass affected areas and minimize delays. For example, they might determine that it’s better to ship goods from a different facility or via a different mode, even if it’s a little more expensive because the potential for problems is much lower. Staff can also use their TMS to develop back-up plans, just in case something should go wrong with an important shipment.

Real-time visibility for in-transit shipments

Even when shipments are planned with a high degree of care, sudden bouts of bad weather can result in damage and delays. If these issues aren’t communicated to customers in good time, they can create a snowball effect of bigger problems—from lost accounts to reputational damage. Unfortunately, shippers don’t always find out about problems on the road until it’s too late.

With a TMS, shippers gain real-time visibility into their in-transit shipments, making it easy to spot and tackle problems before they can spiral out of control. The minute it becomes clear that a delay is inevitable, shippers can deploy back-up plans—and let customers know they’re on top of the situation.

Whether the shipment will arrive on time or not, this added layer of communication can go a long way toward putting customers’ minds at ease and making them feel like a shipper has their best interests at heart. This can help to preserve and even strengthen relationships that might otherwise have been permanently soured by the unexpected delay.

Weatherproof your supply chain with a TMS that’s built for success

You don’t have control of the weather—but you do have control over how you choose to weather the storm.

Honeybee TMS™ from CTSI-Global can help you optimize your supply chain and prepare for anything. From order confirmation right through to shipment execution and claims management, Honeybee TMS™ makes it easy to keep your supply running smoothly all year long.

Withstand anything Mother Nature has to offer. Get started today.

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