Why Growing B2B eCommerce Needs Automated Logistics

ECommerce growth is on a rapid upward trajectory. With over 70% revenue growth from 2019 and 75% of people shopping online at least once a month, eCommerce is becoming the dominant segment in global shopping.

And consumers have gotten used to quick eCommerce deliveries. After clicking “Buy Now,” online shoppers expect to see a package arrive at their doorstep mere days later. But, if it doesn’t show, they can quickly go online to track their package’s location and estimated delivery date.

However, widespread pandemic-induced supply chain shortages have disrupted logistics processes. Increased demand and product and labor shortages have made B2B shipping processes far less efficient, leading to longer delivery wait times and limited retail inventory.

So, how can B2B eCommerce logistics keep up with growing eCommerce demands in the face of supply chain shortages? Automation may be the answer to this growing need.

A Look Into B2B eCommerce Logistics

Good B2B logistics means bulk shipments are ordered far in advance so retailers can meet customer demands effectively and on time. Unfortunately, these large shipments often come at high costs and long delivery times, exacerbating supply chain disruptions.

But in the face of an eCommerce boom, B2B logistics must meet the moment to deliver fast and efficient shipping to retailers while maintaining an affordable price point. In the past, hiring additional staff would have done the trick. However, amid the labor shortage catalyzed by the COVID-10 pandemic, hiring more bodies might not be feasible or affordable.

The Benefits of Logistics Automation

Automated logistics, however, is a feasible and sustainable solution that cuts costs while delivering B2B shipments quickly and reliably. In the face of the labor shortage, outsourced, automated logistics leverages technology to manage supply chain processes and ensure that B2B shipping meets growing eCommerce demands.

CTSI-Global’s flexibility tackles B2B shipping logistics. With the Honeybee TMS™ system, shippers can streamline their transportation execution from order to payment, making transportation management less complex, more powerful, and more cost-effective than ever before. By managing orders and claims, executing and consolidating shipments, selecting carriers, and more, Honeybee TMS™ ensures shippers have the human resources to focus on the logistics that require a human touch.

What’s more, CTSI-Global partners with Cleo to deliver the B2B Integration Cloud, a cloud-based end-to-end ecosystem integration platform that integrates content from suppliers and retailers to arrive at “one version of the truth.” In other words, the B2B Integration Cloud allows businesses to exchange data quickly and seamlessly without the overhead cost of physical IT hardware, using cloud-based technology to foster more connection types, optimized services, and faster deployment.

eCommerce is the future, which means technology will be part of the solution. As B2B eCommerce evolves, shippers need to adopt automated logistics services to maintain efficient and reliable supply chain processes.

The future is now. To get started, contact CTSI-Global today.