Why Smaller Shippers Seeking International Growth Need a Robust TMS

To expand and grow internationally, shippers need a streamlined, cost-effective way to manage their logistics operations. A transportation management system (TMS) can provide this—but since these tools are often marketed toward larger shippers, smaller businesses may feel they are out of reach.

It’s true that there are many complex, high-cost systems on the market that don’t align with the needs of small and midsize shippers. In recent years, however, there has been an increase in TMS software that can meet these companies where they are and allow for continuous growth.

A robust TMS isn’t something you implement after you’ve grown—it’s something you implement to help you grow. If you’re still unsure whether a TMS is right for you, here are a few things to consider.

A cost-effective solution can still be comprehensive

Smaller shippers are often deterred from using a TMS because of advanced features that they don’t necessarily need. If they don’t have a use for all the bells and whistles, why pay more for them?

The good news is, as demand for TMS software grows among smaller shippers, vendors are taking notice. Smaller shippers don’t typically prioritize functionality. Instead, they seek a TMS that’s easy to use, quick to implement, and affordable. They also want their system to address two primary concerns: fueling growth and providing access to more insights.

Today, there are solutions on the market that tick off all these boxes, including Honeybee TMS™ from CTSI-Global. This solution delivers efficiency-boosting features that allow for a more streamlined approach, making it easier to scale, as well as built-in business intelligence that provides richer insights into your shipping data, helping you spot growth opportunities. And since we built our TMS ourselves, we can deliver expert support throughout the implementation process to quickly get the team up to speed.

Integration allows for more control

As a business grows and begins to open locations in other regions, there’s a tendency for each separate facility to adopt whatever tool it so desires—especially if the tools used at headquarters don’t support international locations. This can result in disjointed systems that reduce visibility and limit corporate governance.

Smaller shippers with an eye to international growth can set themselves up for long-term success by adopting a TMS that supports this growth from the get-go. By using a single, unified TMS across all locations and ensuring that it integrates with any other systems that your company uses (or might adopt as it scales), you can take greater control of your growth—and gain a bird’s-eye view of your entire business, no matter how many continents it winds up spanning.

This is another instance where it pays to work with a provider that offers a proprietary TMS, like CTSI-Global. TMS vendors that sell white-labeled solutions in disguise are often unable—or unwilling—to offer a high degree of customization and integration at the local level, let alone the global one. But when a provider built its TMS in house, tailoring the system to your unique business shouldn’t be an issue.

A TMS that gives you international leverage

At CTSI-Global, we believe that access to a robust TMS should not be reserved for only big-name shippers. We built Honeybee TMS to help companies of all shapes and sizes grow—providing you with essential features you’ll need both now and in the future.

We pride ourselves on our global footprint and our vast experience helping shippers break into new markets. With multiple locations across North America, Europe, and Asia, we’re an ideal partner for shippers looking to streamline operations at home—and those hoping to achieve a large international presence.

Take your company to the next level with a leading-edge TMS. Get started today.

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