Parcel Management Offers a Solution for Optimization

As the omnichannel experience becomes the new normal, company leaders demand better optimization to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction—while simultaneously strengthening the bottom line. Parcel management solutions help global multichannel retail and B2B e-commerce companies do just that. These solutions accommodate procurement, fulfillment, and consumer demand to execute winning omnichannel strategies.

CTSI-Global is partnering with Auctane to optimize parcel operations and final-mile deliveries by augmenting the capabilities of HoneyBee TMS™ with the freight shipping API platform, ShipEnginethe platform of choice for world-class shipping and logistics. Global commerce leaders trust the number one shipping API to unlock significant time and cost savings. 

ShipEngine is the API Multicarrier Parcel Management Solution (MCPMS) that powers more than $80 billion in gross merchandise volume for the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce platforms, logistics providers, and brands. As one of the world’s largest processors of parcel freight invoices, CTSI-Global’s new parcel management solution powered by ShipEngine has the power and breadth of resources to streamline logistics as shipping costs and customer demand increase. 

Parcel management solutions keep costs in check

Parcel and last-mile delivery are two of the fastest-growing shipment segments today. Logistics managers may recall that working with a single carrier once ensured great shipping rates. With CTSI-Global’s parcel management solution, companies can easily consolidate parcel shipping and increase volumes with more rate and service options.

Recent supply chain volatility, inflation, and the threat of economic recession have also affected transportation spending. Parcel management solutions compare pricing from contracted carriers like FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, Canada Post, Purolator, PDP, LaserShip, and LSO against shipping criteria. Shippers can filter through pricing options by carrier, service, or package.

Real-time rates allow shippers to compare, understand, and minimize costs, offering more options to customize workflows. 

Meeting today’s customer demand

Sales growth is no longer the predominant metric for success. Cost-effectiveness, scalability, and time sensitivity are success factors amid today’s lightning-fast customer delivery expectations. 

Increased parcel volumes and global demand growth have led to one-click shipping, real-time tracking, and other on-demand features. E-commerce companies of all sizes use game-changing parcel management technology to automate and become more agile, ensuring a competitive edge when worldwide developments affect the supply chain.

CTSI-Global’s parcel consolidation and carrier expansion solutions can dramatically improve visibility and diversification. With access to over 70 parcel and regional couriers, shippers can ensure they’re shopping rates in real-time. By doing so, they can expedite operations and reduce parcel spending.

Parcel management solutions determine which carriers will best meet consumer shipping expectations. Visibility provides proactive exception management and carrier performance monitoring—further lowering costs and improving delivery times. 

Simplifying global expansion 

“Companies in global markets must adhere to country-specific regulatory and tax requirements,”  says CTSI-Global’s VP of Sales, Josh Miller. CTSI’s global parcel management solution automates these high-stakes, detail-driven processes, mitigating the likelihood of incurring fees.  “Our new partnership with Auctane with its ShipEngine parcel management solution consults global directories to ensure all order information is correct at the time of shipment,” Miller explains. 

CTSI-Global’s parcel management solution will generate HTS codes for each product, compare international shipping rates, and print international shipping labels. Global transport prices incorporate total landed costs, including postage plus all taxes and surcharges. 

Final-mile delivery strengthens an already-robust TMS

CTSI-Global’s parcel management system is driven by multi-user, web-based technology that enables end-users to communicate efficiently with shippers. Shippers can ensure users receive the correct shipping labels, packaging materials, and instructions through an intuitive, standardized system.

The HoneyBee TMS™ provides access to 20,000 vetted carriers and various tools for consolidating freight, comparing carriers, and negotiating rates. This system optimizes warehouse and order management technologies, incorporating the most advanced logistics tools into one easy-to-use platform.

CTSI-Global’s parcel management system enhances Honeybee TMS’s heavyweight transportation capabilities with solutions specific to parcel operations and final mile delivery. Through comprehensive parcel execution solutions, CTSI-Global equips customers with industry-leading end-to-end parcel solutions. By integrating best-in-class freight audit and payment services, shippers can carry out high-level logistics management processes with agility and confidence.

Contact CTSI-Global to learn how HoneyBee TMS™ and parcel management solutions can execute a winning omnichannel order fulfillment strategy for any sized business.