The Future of Supply Chains: How AI Will Improve Efficiency

From water cooler chit-chat to newspaper headlines, AI has taken a front-row seat in modern imaginations. What does this groundbreaking technology—often hailed as the future of medicine, the future of manufacturing, and more—have to do with the future of supply chains?

No matter the size or region of a company’s shipping operations, AI has a big role to play in the future of supply chain management, with applications like self-driving trucks and automated carrier selections. This technology has the power to boost efficiency, bottom line, and employee satisfaction.

Do more with less

How can companies move faster without hiring more employees? Automation is one way to gain rapid support with day-to-day supply chain management—without expanding the payroll. 

A transportation management system (TMS) can be customized to automate logistics workflows, so shippers don’t have to complete tasks like load optimization or claims tracking manually. With the Honeybee™ TMS, each shipment’s order information is entered automatically to prevent data entry errors. The order management process is faster and more accurate.

Amid today’s high labor costs and hiring challenges, automation lightens the load for teams trying to do the same work with less support. Happier employees and faster supply chain management can be achieved through automation.

Increase transportation safety and productivity

Interested in making the transportation process more efficient? Look no further than autonomous vehicles. This increasingly practical innovation has significant potential to improve the safety and cost-efficiency of land transport.

Autonomous vehicles don’t need a driver, eliminating the risk of impaired or reckless driving and fatal crashes. It also means that trucks can drive at all hours of the day with no stops—the result is lower delivery times and transportation costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Understand your supply chains like never before

Optimizing supply chains means gaining 24/7 visibility and quality data and analytics to understand risks and opportunities. Supply chain analytics like CTSI-Global’s Business Intelligence solution provides shippers with strategic insights across international supply chains, so they can discover hiccups, understand the current process, and act.

Advanced software can collect, consolidate, and analyze vast batches of data on carrier volumes, invoices, parcel deliveries, fuel use, and beyond. Armed with oversight, logistics teams can improve today’s workflows and adapt to tomorrow’s challenges without hesitation.

Meet the future of supply chain obstacles head-on

The future of supply chains is uncertain. But, by constantly updating methods and tools, shippers can continue to push their company to new heights. Embracing technological change and AI advances will allow shippers big and small to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and make quick supply chain pivots across the globe. 

CTSI-Global’s logistics tech helps shippers do just that—bringing customizable automation and data analysis to fit your current needs and future goals. Our leading Honeybee™ TMS and business intelligence analytics help customers do the same tasks and more with fewer errors, strategic gains, and full visibility.

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