Best Freight Broker Software: Accelerate and Enhance the Brokerage Process with a TMS

Freight brokers can be invaluable shipper partners, taking over time-consuming logistics tasks and carrier decisions to ensure a smooth journey from warehouses to final destinations. But when brokers rely on manual workflows and unintegrated tools, they can end up wasting their own time and client money.

Freight broker software accelerates accurate logistics using automation and real-time analysis—and transportation management systems (TMSs) are a powerful place to start. From carrier comparisons to shipment tracking and invoicing, TMSs come with features tailor-made to produce an easier, faster, and more cost-effective brokerage process.

Features that streamline brokers’ most important work

  1. Real-time carrier pricing 

At the beginning of the shipping process, freight brokers are responsible for selecting the perfect carrier for any given freight, comparing partners based on available equipment, delivery dates, and, most importantly, costs. A TMS makes this process more efficient for brokers’ time and budgets, allowing them to compare multiple shipment prices from hundreds—or even thousands—of carriers in real time to make the optimal choice for every shipment. 

Many TMSs are also already in touch with a wide range of pre-vetted carriers. CTSI-Global’s Honeybee™ TMS comes with a network of over 14,000 quality carriers—so shippers are never left hanging in the event of driver shortages or other unexpected hiccups. 

  1. Complete shipping visibility

Supply chain visibility helps brokers make sure shipments are set to arrive on schedule, as well as coordinate quick pivots in case of bottlenecks or other obstacles. TMSs offer complete visibility—including in-transit tracking—into all ongoing shipments. This freight broker software allows them to confirm carrier updates and stay on top of shipments before, during, and after transport, providing shippers peace of mind and efficiency. 

  1. Secure document storage

As freight brokers manage different phases in the transportation lifecycle, they will come into contact with many important logistics documents—from bills of lading to invoices. It is the freight broker’s responsibility to preserve and organize these documents so they can ensure carriers deliver the right freight and charge the right amount after delivery.

To meet this need, many TMSs come with a document center—a digital platform that stores and sorts supply chain paperwork. This hub securely preserves crucial documents and allows brokers to pull up anyone with just a quick search.

Case study: how TMS automation increases profitability

TMSs give freight brokers the automation tools to let go of time-consuming manual tasks and make more informed decisions—an especially crucial feature when pricing shipments. Without a TMS, a freight broker would be forced to contact carriers and gather delivery rates over the phone or email, slowing the process and risking inaccurate records as rates change over time.

When the same broker uses a TMS, they can put a load up for bid and obtain multiple quotes for the same shipment from a wide range of carriers. This technology can increase the broker’s revenue—regardless of the transportation mode—by allowing them to select a high-quality carrier with a low-cost quote and then charge the same rate to customers, driving down their costs on the buy rate side.

Freight broker software that makes life easier—and adapts to changing needs

The best freight broker software should make logistics easier for freight brokers and shippers. A TMS creates a fast, lower-cost, and stress-free logistics process for everyone involved through heightened visibility and automation efficiencies. CTSI-Global’s Honeybee™ TMS has the leading technology to smooth the brokerage process and flexibility to match brokers’ evolving needs.

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