What It Actually Means for a Logistics Provider to Be Forward-Thinking in Tech

Technology has revolutionized the logistics industry, and the pace of change is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. But while many providers of logistics and supply chain technology claim to be forward-thinking with their tech, all too often, that tech becomes outdated within a few years—allowing inefficiencies to creep back into shippers’ processes and opportunities to go untapped.

In this ongoing series, we’re exploring ways that shippers can tackle key issues relating to their people, processes, and technology. To remain competitive, shippers can no longer take a set-and-forget approach with the tools they rely on every day. They must demand more from the providers they partner with—and providers must rise to the challenge.

Here’s what logistics providers need to deliver to live up to their claims of innovation—and do better for their clients.

Constant innovation—moving forward, not just keeping pace

Innovation requires investment. The bare minimum that providers should be doing is investing in constant product management updates to ensure they’re keeping pace with what their competitors are doing. If they don’t, frankly, they are not delivering on the promise they made to their customers.

But to be truly forward-thinking, providers cannot sit on their laurels and just maintain an adequate product year after year. They must invest continuously in making the product better—rolling out new features, exploring emerging technologies, and actively driving the industry forward.

At CTSI-Global, for example, we’ve spent the last year both updating our existing tools and building new ones. We not only created a new user interface to offer a more modern and intuitive experience for users but released a new carrier service desk and invoice portal, simplifying the process by which carriers can upload invoices and find the support they need. And in the coming months, we’ll be rolling out a new enterprise integration platform that will make it even easier for users to connect with us and our trade partners.

Incorporating customer feedback—and anticipating future needs

To deliver the most value to their customers, providers must be highly attuned to their evolving challenges and needs. That means gathering and incorporating customer feedback on an ongoing basis to make the improvements that count. But it also means keeping one eye on the horizon to anticipate customers’ needs before they’ve even articulated them—and delivering changes companies didn’t know they needed.

We consider our clients to be our best advisors and partners in helping us make our tools better—after all, who knows a tool better than the people who use it every day? During the recent update of our user interface, we conducted interviews with numerous clients and carriers, which we considered a core component of our research. And in addition to regularly conducting surveys and reviews with our clients to obtain feedback about our products and services, we also leverage our advanced analytics capabilities to examine product usage data. This helps us gain a deeper understanding of how our tools are used, allowing us to spot areas for improvement before frictions can even arise.

A track record of innovation

Keeping pace isn’t enough anymore. To stay ahead of the competition, shippers need to partner with a provider that doesn’t just wait for positive change to happen but drives it.

At CTSI-Global, we’ve been a leading force in the world of logistics technology for more than 60 years. Our track record speaks for itself—but we believe in looking forward, not back.

Partner with a forward thinker, not a laggard. Contact us today.

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